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//Rises from the grave

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Hello dragon cave peeps!


I'm Tumble! I'm 28, go by She/Her, and currently work in a high school as an aide. 


I frequented Dragon Cave daily back when I was in high school myself (10 years ago....) and was recently feeling nostalgic so I figured that I may as well come on back and hatch some more dergons.


Dragon Cave was probably my second site where I ever tried my hand at creating something similar to an OC. On my first scroll, (which I can't access anymore), I had a bunch of dragons with names and descriptions that were definitely very high school-esque. But, they were some of my first original content and I love them. Nowadays, I still love creating OCs! I frequent art role playing games like the World of Griffia and am constantly coming up with new ideas for my active cast of characters. I'm also a hobby artist and love to doodle on my Surface Go.


I'm not yet sure how active I'll be, but I am looking forward to jumping back into the community, nonetheless. After all, I've got some of my fondest teenage memories here.


Great to see everyone ~

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Hello and welcome! I've never played the World of Griffia, I'll have to check it out! 

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