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Cantomaris Egg not showing it's breed despite encyclopaedia being unlocked

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Was mooching through my eggs today and noticed my Canto egg (which was a trade, so should be Itus) doesn't show it's breed, as if I hadn't unlocked it. 1627499314_Screenshot_20220403-113706_SamsungInternet.thumb.png.77a9d77a79dfc28481c76c861c5ecb64.png


However, my Encyclopedia entry for Cantos is pretty throughly unlocked.1381724898_Screenshot_20220403-113755_SamsungInternet.thumb.png.a35d0611cfe49befd6956cdd2a58aa7a.png923980001_Screenshot_20220403-113809_SamsungInternet.thumb.png.08477e0be47ca83859877ea7136748e6.png


I've clicked through a few Cantomaris eggs on click sites, and some say Canto, and some nothing. I suspect from this it may be an oddity like the Alt Black encyclopedia where I have to see eggs of all the alts for it to count, but all my images are unlocked, which seems a bit odd. Not a huge glitch but thought it might be worth mentioning.

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