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Greetings And Salutations

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Hi! I’m DragonRiderOfFyre, think this is an intro post. I’ve had drag cave for a couple years and am open to trading. Just don’t try to screw me over and we’ll get along fine. I have absolutely zero clue how to use this site, and I can’t find anything on making a profile. If somebody could tell me how to pm someone that would be awesome. Open to replies. I love any and all dragons, great and small. Especially fierce winged fire-breathers. Anyways, that’s all. See ya around!

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Hello and welcome! You can PM a member by selecting Message at the bottom of their post, or click their username and select the blue "Message" button. You can also make your profile now that I've approved your account: select your username underneath the forum header and click Profile. 


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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