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Experiencing glitches that started in last few days

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I’ve been getting the following glitches the last 2-3 days (since the last website programming update I think).


1) when I select name dragon I get an error saying this page can only be viewed in site if you think this is an error then it does go to the page so I can name dragon but I can’t exit that page without clicking go to cave menu in left upper corner.


2) when I click on my dragon sometimes I get the aforesaid error message. When I don’t get that message it goes to the dragon but won’t let me look at lineage and I’m stuck unless I select an action from the upper left main menu.


3) a recurring issue that seems to happen only at 20 past the hour and 10 to the hour is I cannot access the website at all during those times of an hour. It tells me there is no such webpage and I keep having to try and try again (when it does that invalid page message it lasts soft a duration of 3-5 minutes). During those times even googling and clicking the google link to the web page gives me that error message.


4) tonight my browser page has started randomly jumping to the main cave webpage when I try and view a dragon).


5) the back button on my browser keeps disappearing on my browser page so I cannot got back to the previous menu and have to go through the main menu.


I don’t know if the issue was your latest update or my software update to iPhone se O/S 15.4 but something is definitely wrong and the site is glitching for me.


Is anyone else experiencing these glitches?


The jumping off my dragon when I click it so I can see time remaining until hatch/death is the most concerning issue,  after the issue of the webpage randomly going back to the cave start page when I’m trying to check my dragons (it hasn’t yet done it while trying to grab an egg but that doesn’t mean it won’t.I’m currently egg-locked so haven’t tried grabbing eggs to see if it happens then too).


so is it just me? Or have others also had these glitches? 



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Forgot to mention one of the glitches and remembered after I hit post.

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This sounds like a browser issue, especially because of 4 and 5. I don't believe any change on DC's side could cause all of that, and I haven't experienced any of the issues you mentioned and I'm on DC most of the day.  (Also, the *forum* software was updated a few days ago, that is separate from the actual game and almost certainly wouldn't affect things...)

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Thanks for responding. Guess I can always switch browsers if you think it sounds like a browser issue.


I never had trouble before except for the 10 to and 20 past the hour on this browser until this past week but I’ll try connecting with my other browsers to see what happens.

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