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Show both date and time visible on DC clock.

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The clock on top of the page that appears for the few "standard" CSS skins shows the time of day, but not which day it is. Considering the size of the globe, whether it is currently Monday (or Sunday or Tuesday) server-side is not a given for people in other timezones. Could we please have the day, as well? If it's too long for the header, maybe by mouseover or visible on https://dragcave.net/help/time (by the way, having the full date and time there would, in general, be helpful to people using the non-basic CSS skins - they'd have at least one place to see the server time)?

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 Ah, so it has!


My reasoning is more along the lines of:

On 6/7/2021 at 5:38 AM, Yubelchen said:

I support it since i am in such a far timezone its becomes difficult to know if its yesterday or today already


As such, I didn't find the other topic - due to searching for "date", not "day of week". Also, that's why I don't really care about the name of the day per se, date and month in the shape of "14th Feb"/"Feb, 14th" would do just fine (and the day of week can be figured from there).


Just as long as we don't go into the "DD/MM"/YYYY vs "MM/DD/YYY" territory, that's as large a can of worms as the whole "What day does the week begin?" debate.

Considering the English word "weekend", I can't imagine why half the English world puts non-Monday first, but I got used to the existence of such discrepancies long ago, together with noses that run and feet that smell... :D

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