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DUPLICATE:Make Named hatchies Unabandonable

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Exactly what it says.


First we all abandoned something by mistake. Is A Fact. Now a large amount actually abandoned hatchies while wanting to freeze/fog/kill etc. while in a brainfreeze moment. Sure enough some of those were precious and named.


Now on the logic, I fin it hilariously paradoxal that you can't TRADE something you named, because you're suposedly so attached of it that you gave a name, yet you can ABANDON it, tie it to a tree "to die". (animal cruelty trigger, anyone?)


For both the reason of lore-logic and functionality, make them unabandonable please.

And the beauty of it? If you change your mind and want to kick it from scroll, just erase the name, no harm done.

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I believe this is the same suggestion:

Agreed for the record, I've already stated my support in that thread. 

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