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Advice for neglected dragons?

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So I read the guide and am a little confused

do They mean I give the egg 50-60 uv then when there’s 5min left to give the rest of the views?

or does it mean at 5 min have 50-60 u views

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Which method are you looking at?


If you're doing it solo (zyu method) I believe you can preload the egg to that amount. Doesn't matter when you give the egg those views, preload just means have them when your experiment officially start. And then, at around 5 min left (or at an even lower time?) start ARing the egg and adding it to more hatcheries. One reason to preload the egg is that there's no fallback for this method, if your egg turn and don't have enough view to hatch it just dies so 50-60 extra UV helps it hatch in case it turns. @Elizabeth Moonstone probably has more experience on this


I'm personally more familiar with the teleport method - If you're doing to incubate-and-teleport method and did not choose a difficult/stubborn breed, DO NOT load the egg with that much uv, in fact, I suggest not giving the egg any view before around 2 min 30 s left, then start adding the egg to a bunch of hatcheries and ARing it. I've had an egg in my dataset that hatched normal with 70UV, and the 60 you proposed is not that far away. I've seen an egg turning at 15/1/1 which was crazy, my own dataset has an egg turning as early as 38uv (then again, I've also had a non stubborn egg turning at 109 uv)

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