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i havent used a forum proper in years so excuse me if i have a bad intro


im charmuro, but you can refer to me as ciel. as i said i havent used forums in years, mostly sticking to using twitter. it hasnt been bad but i miss forums and i think i need a place to take a break from social media. this place was the first i thought of bc i also use to have a friend who would let me play on their account sometimes to help adopt eggs and ive been a big fan of the spritework used for as long


other info:

-i use they/them pronouns only

- i really love mecha anime. gundam and getter robo are my favorites

- also into umineko, jujutsu kaisen, digimon, monster hunter, tokusatsu, lord of the rings, tsukihime, and fate stay night

- my favorite dragon designs on the site are the sweetlings and black marrow

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Hello, welcome! Be sure to read the rules before posting in each section, and take a look at the TOS on the site.

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