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Hiya friendos! What's your favorite part abt being here?

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I'm back at it again at the Dragon Cave- I was an avid user around 2006-08 but dropped off into highschool, but now I'm back and more obsessed with tiny pixel dragons than ever! I used to be active on several adoptables/pet site forums, and I think I recognize some names around here? I was Polaris on Zetapets and the Lands of Evelon, and Clear_Waters00 on Subeta. I was super into OC roleplays as a kiddo, and as an adult have hit my stride with Dnd! Do people do that kinda thing around here? I kinda miss having regular writing partners! I'm also an artist, and am excited to honor these fantastic pixel designs in my own style!


So, nice to meet everyone! And as the title says, please do tell me ur fav part of this forum! Also, I'm most active on Tumblr & Twitter, but those are decidedly not dragon-centric

(n v n ;;)

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Hello and welcome back! We joined about the same time! My favorite part is the new release threads and seeing what great lineages people found in the AP!

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