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Snow Wars Issues - I Can't Fight Anyone & All I See is Darkness (on Mobile)

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Hello! I have been having issues with Snow Wars II.


Issue 1: I Can't Fight Anyone

As of today, try to battle someone, the little compass cursor spins, but nothing happens. 


I happen to reset my computer (Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - Windows 10), but it didn't fix the issue.


I don't know what's wrong.


(Edit Issue 1: It seems for this one, the game might just be loading really slowly, like taking several minutes. It seems to have finally loaded now.)


Issue 2: All I See is Darkness (on Mobile)

The main problem I have is that some of the sprites show up as black boxes, most often the prize/resource drops and the Chessboard plates. It will look like a black void on my phone. 


It has happened throughout the event, and I actually remember it happening last year, and then going away.  Sometimes, only the resources and chessboard is affected. Other times, it looks like my entire base is eaten by the void. 


Once I get a chance, I will upload an image of it from my phone here:



(Edit: Got the pics!)


Please help.



On a side note, while I do have an issue of the game crashing on my phone (Android - LG Stylo 2 Plus), it's a very old phone, so I ignore it.

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