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Gingerbread house decorating error.

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I was trying to change around the decorations on the roof, and then the game messed up, took me allll the way down to the bottom of the page and even though I could force it to scroll up with the side bar, my scroll wheel on the mouse wouldn't do it. And once you take you mouse off the scroll bar, it zooms back to the bottom. You have to refresh which means you lose everything you had already done.

the video of the problem was too large, so here is a link to it. 


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I'm wondering if you can zoom way out and save the current (ctrl+minus sign / command+minus sign) and then refresh? I don't know what the problem is but that might help you not lose the current sketch For example on chrome I can zoom out to like 25% and then there would be almost no scrollbar so you might be able to click save


btw your video is private so I can't actually see it

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Hm.................... try this I've set it to public now. https://youtu.be/R_oAwmxFibg   And if I zoom it out that much, my poor eyes won't be able to see it. LOL

Edit: zooming out to 50% though still extremely hard to see and click individual things, DID make it quit doing that. :) TY

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Posted (edited)

that has happened to me. when it does, i play a silly game where i press my arrow key to control the scrolling and quickly hit Save, which refreshes the page.


Ive assumed its a browser issue, not a game issue, because I've encountered that weird scrolling thing on other sites too.


EDIT: This Youtube video may help you. How to disable auto-scrolling in Firefox

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