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New & Confused

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Hi, so I'm new to this game, and I am a little confused on how it works. I've currently got 2 eggs and I've been told that the hatch from clicks? 

If anyone can help, please do. 

For myself, my name is Chara, and I use they/them/it pronouns. 

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Hello and welcome! Eggs actually hatch from their overall views and unique views. Clicks are nice to have, because they're worth a lot of views, but it's possible for eggs to hatch without them. I would first start by checking out the links on the Help page. It's a good rundown of how the game works and the terminology the game uses. You have to be careful of eggs getting too many views when they're too young, as that can make them sick (softshell) and die if you don't fog them, which prevents them from getting views. I add my eggs once they reach 5d23h left, especially around the holidays when fansites get more traffic because of holiday releases. Fansites are great sites that allow you to add your eggs and hatchlings to them for clicks and views. I use Allure of Neglected Dragons, Valley Sherwood, and Silvi's Lair. You shouldn't need to use more than three. 


I know that was a lot of info to throw at you, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Welcome to the forum ! 🌷

I hope you'll find what you're looking for here, don't hesitate to ask questions ! 😊

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