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Question: if you influence a male only egg, to a female would it become female?

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So let’s say during the Christmas event this year I get a blizzard wizard egg or the “holiday dragon 2011 egg” if i influence this male only (cb) egg to be female when it hatches will it be female? Or is it no exceptions it’s always male unless bred?

also vise versa for female only dragons 

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For CB Holidays of specified gender, the option to influence is greyed out.


You may have seen a few female CB hollies. Essentially these exist because, during one of the non-monthly original raffles, 4th place entries or those who didnt want a prize could have a CB anything. Back then the Holiday biome didnt exist, therefore you couldnt get CB hollies. Those that chose this, by glitch I believe, were able to influence them female. 

Hollies and Mistletoes I believe, if bred, are the only Christmases which can produce either gender from breeding (as far as we know!) and thus are influencable. 

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