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ANSWERED:Think I found a multiscroller

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I made a trade and quickly got 4 offers which where all something I didn't ask for. Out of curiosity I checked their scrolls because 2 on them had similar names and 3 have fresh account with 0-2 grown dragon and the third has 33 grown dragons and was made before the other 3. 


~~mod edit: do not post names on the forum for these reports. Please pm these concerns and names directly to any forum moderator.~~

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You should hide your post @Xopwe; I suspect it will be removed, since you are publicly naming. 

Please PM a mod instead with your concerns. 

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Names have been removed from OP. Please send me a PM @Xopwe instead.


General note for others: Please report concerns of cheating directly to a moderator via PM (or DM on discord). Don’t call anyone out in public. 

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