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Glitch with hidden hatchling

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So I hid a hatchling right after it hatched so it won't get sick from over views as I had it on multiple click sites due to it being under 4 days. When I went to unhide it I'm not getting the unhide option. I'm getting the normal hatchling action menu but I can not actually do anything because no matter what I click it says "Action unavailable" How do I fix this? Incase anyone needs it the hatchlings code is (MGQTA)


Also on viewing page it shows an egg but shows hatchling on action page.


I didn't hide this one but I noticed the same problem with my freshly hatched egg. On View you still see and egg, however On Action you see a hatchling. You also see an egg On lineage. Other note: both eggs were from abandoned cave and incubated. 


This must be a browser issue. I everything is fine on my phone.

Updated my chrome browser but it didn't help.


Finally fixed it. The clock was off on my laptop and that was the cause.

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Can you post a few screenshots of the things you're describing?

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Seeing as I can see the hatchlings as, well, hatchlings on my end, this seems to be a cache problem. See if a hard-refresh on the view page of the "egg" and on your scroll fixes the problem. A hard-refresh can be achieved with Ctrl+Shift+R or Ctrl+F5. :)

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