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Pixel stew, among other things.

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Pixels are fun and I do them, sometimes. I also draw. You may see content of several types here.

I'm still learning, so lots of things here are of "experimental" quality.


pixel stew...


foliage.png.495a11c160ad2ea3b1a104c1120e5a71.png    blushwing.png.fe6360258a02ebbb81c99236f28db011.png


kitty.png.6250fde3788b033a9b98d0473a75a6b5.png   treetwo.png.e5fac68b72bc00f863c79273c54b1bcb.png


...among other things


[These two dragons above were drawn a year and a half apart. I'm fond of both styles, but there are certainly things I could change about the first artwork today. Improvement is real!]


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