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Dragons of Avendar: War or peace

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In the world called Advendar four kingdoms have been at war for many centuries, using Calvary and magic to win battles. These four kingdoms used powerful Wizards each one used abilities according to their respective kingdom’s domain: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.


After three hundred years of brother fighting brother, the Wizards defected and established a neutral ground where people for all four kingdoms could trade goods and get an education for themselves. It was here that was read in the stars a prophesy: Four whom are blessed with two forms would bring eternal peace or absolute destruction to Avendar.



For a hundred years, the kingdoms where at a standstill, until the four where found…..



These four are two boys and two girls each with a dragon and human form. The human shape has to have markings. Dragons can have one main power (for offence) of the powers listed for each domain. These four would travel to the Neutral city to train in their powers. Weather they fight or fall in love is up to you.


Kingdom: An-nok in the mountains

Domain: Air

Powers: Lightning, Wind manipulation( Violent and Benevolent), Make or stop rain storms, Tornadoes. Can see air streams and fly very high altitudes with no problem.


Kingdom: Sash-Har in the dessert

Domain: Fire

Powers: Lava, Natural fire(breath), Dragon fire (dragon fire can burn on water and cant be quenched easily) Breath toxic gas (like volcanic fumes) Heat/fire resistant.


Kingdom: Sahala a large string of islands

Domain: water

Powers: Healing, floods, Tsunamis, water minipulation, breathing under water, Bio-luminescent (See in darkness) ice breath 


Kingdom: Havana of the plateau

Domain: Earth

Powers: Earthquakes, sink holes, rock slides, avalanches, finding gems, Earth minipulation and has Nature magic.(consisting of growing plants)




Rules: These will be obeyed otherwise you are out.

1)Dc and forum rules apply

2)No god modeling

3)Dragons have a limit of three of the domain powers chose wisely. Underlined parts come naturally and is a given. (Ex: Given power+ two more)

4) if you understand the rules put Avalon in offence power section

5)Marks on human form, only. Two girls two boys no more

6) I will be the driving force behind the roleplay, 

7) be respectful to others and stay on plot

8 ) I'll be making a OOC please ask questions and post sheets there. 

9) no gunning







Human looks:(include height and some details if you have a picture and any features are different)

Dragon looks:


Chosen powers:

Offence Power:


Non-magic weapons: (no dragon form doesn’t count)

Other:(special skills? Favorite activity? This part is a requirement.)







Air: Samir (Sam-Ear) me

Water: Favian @Doctortear

Fire:  Violet @SkySong278

Earth: Lyra @Eto






Name: Samir Mijing (me-jing)


Domain: Air

Human looks: Samir 5'7"  has left a pale blue eye due to partial blindness from a misfired lightning shot the other is vibrant teal color

Dragon looks: Dragon form the ridge between his horns on his neck can be raised and lowered for high speed and turning abilities

Marking(s):  same as photo with small teal lightning bolts under both eyes and a small scar darkening his skin around his left eye.

Chosen powers: high flying, make or stop rain storms

Offence Power: Lightning

Personality: quiet unless he hears his favorite subjects, very sweet and kind, although reserved. Relaxed and calm mostly, slow to anger (although if annoying enough you will get on his nerves.) He's a strategist and loves studying air charts and topography. 

Non-magic weapons: a katana

Other: He loves to garden, including the Zen type. Meditation and calming poses. He's acrobatic both on land and in the sky, reading, painting and calligraphy, puzzle boxes and riddles. Anything that both works on the mind and calms the senses.




Name: Lyria de Vedici


Age: 18


Domain: Earth


Human looks: Reference Lyria is 154cm (5'0). On her neck, her markings start, so you can see small petals across the sides. Her hair is actually very long (ground level), but she keeps it tied up very tightly, so it only comes to lower back. 


Dragon looks: Reference She's a flightless wyrm with petal markings, with a large, flat tail that can create landslides. Although the "petals" on her back look soft, they're actually quite sturdy and spiky for protection (like a hedgehog). She's more light purple than pink -- like lavender. 


Marking(s): She has wisteria-like patterns that scatter across her back. She wears open-back outfits to show the markings, kind of like This


Chosen powers: Earth manipulation, rockslides 


Offence Power: Nature magic (Can grow vines/dangerous plants)


Personality: Resourceful and polite, but distrustful and secretive. Won't go out of her way to help others, but cares heavily for the people important to her. Has many thoughts, but will be careful about what she shares. Secretly anxious about everything. 


Non-magic weapons: Her favourite weapon is a bow that was specially made for her which she brings along on long excursions/migrations, although when travelling into the cities she will instead have small pistols for ease of access. 


Other: She likes horseback riding, arrow practice, and being out in nature -- anything to keep her busy. She plays a variety of string instruments for entertainment and while on the road. She has a lovely singing voice, but will never sing to anyone. She has a lot of trouble falling asleep, and is always up very early. Her hair is her most beloved thing, so she will often decorate it with flowers or try new hairstyles. Struggles with reading. Has a small, ruby-coloured Coigon named Elegy (though just called El most times!



Name: Favian Leota


Age: 19


Domain: Water


Human looks: [Ref]


Favian stands at around 5'8" (177cm) tall. He's normally dressed refined with tidy, professional clothing, however his insistence of getting his hands dirty often lead to him ending the day covered in mud and grime. His ponytail reaches down to his mid back and his hair reaches a few inches lower when let down. Perhaps it's due to the time he spends at the beach, a side effect of his transformation, or just an odd choice of cologne, but Favian has the distinct scent of the open sea. 


Dragon looks: [Ref]


A titanic lindwyrm that makes up for being flightless with his incredible swimming abilities. Due to his size and structure, Favian struggles to move when on land. He is capable of "gliding" with his wings, but they're built more for making sharp turns when underwater. When in the dark, markings all along Favian's body glow a light blue.


Marking(s): Many small blue dots line up and down the sides and back of Favian's body. The markings are similar in arrangement to that of many bio luminescent creatures. Like in his dragon form, these markings glow in the dark.


Chosen powers: Breathing underwater, bio luminescence


Offence Power: Ice Breath


Personality: Favian's dignified appearance may make him look refined at first glance, but that's nothing more than a setup made by his peers and friends to make him more presentable. The moment Favian opens his mouth it's completely clear that he's far more friendly and talkative then expected. Very talkative. Loves both receiving and giving attention. Has a bad habit of offering his help to anyone, including strangers he's just met.


Non-magic weapons: Uses a variety of spears ranging from tridents to throwing spears


Other: Tends to pick up and excel at hobbies wherever he he goes. Knows how to catch or forage for food then cook it up into an excellent meal he can happily share with friends and random strangers who look peckish. Good with plants. Great at dancing both for fun and professionally. Tried to get into reading but was banned from buying books after he tried eating a book about different kinds of native fruits




Name: Violet (Vi for short)

Age: 19

Domain: Fire

Human looks: she's about 5'3" tall with long dark, black hair with some purple in it and hazel eyes. she wears her hair up in either a ponytail or down her back in a braid. she wears a teal burkini with a white cloth that covers her head with white sandals.

Dragon looks: her dragon form's red with a long, thin body, and a mane that goes from the top of her head down to her tail (think Mushu, but bigger; she's a Chinese fire dragon)

Marking(s): she has a mark that looks much like flowing lava trailing down behind her right arm from her shoulder blade down to her elbow. it glows red in her human form but shows up as black in her dragon form.

Chosen powers: lava, dragon fire

Offense Power: Avalon natural fire

Personality: quiet most of the time around strangers unless spoken to or after she knows them a bit better, keeps mainly to herself in groups unless Minerva's around and then she sticks mainly with her, and kind.

Non-magic weapons: none, but would like to learn

Other: her special skills are mainly her dragon powers

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Vastles: Representatives and royalty accompanying the  Marked.


Vastle for Havana-


Name: Damon


Age: 22


Human looks:  Reference Damon is 181cm (5'9"). Without his glasses, he is absolutely blind. 


Personality: A very dominant and paranoid young prince who feels a lot of pressure to be a perfect royal. Has known Lyria since she was born, and grew up with her. Only wants her to be safe. Rude towards strangers and distrustful of Lyria's ability to manage herself, he takes it upon himself to warn others against endangering her. Often considers himself the smartest person in the room. 


Non-magic weapons: Quite knowledgeable in cannon making and firearm preparation. Carries around a rather alarmingly long rifle. 


Other: Follows Lyria almost everywhere. In his spare time, he likes to read, and is actually quite educated -- but also very arrogant about it. Has also written a couple documents on the Havana lifestyle and culture, and war technology and strategy. Well-connected in the cities due to his success in writing books. Doesn't think Lyria should read anything beyond her "level". 


Vastle for Sahala- 


Name: "Velvet"

Age: 25

Human looks: [Ref]

Velvet is short standing at a little under 5'1" (155cm). Loves to wear cute, form-fitting clothing. Has many old scars hidden underneath her clothes.

Personality: Velvet is curt and methodical. She doesn't see a point in having a conversation when she can just say a few words or none at all, especially if she can use her axe to solve the issue instead. Dislikes her birth name and refuses to respond to it, opting instead to use the nickname "Velvet". Does her best to keep her ward, Favian, from getting into trouble (which is often). Not easily impressed.

Non-magic weapons: While she's trained in several hand-armed weapons, her tool of choice is a double-headed war axe  that she carries with ease.

Other: Is completely self-sufficient meaning that she knows how to hunt, cook, clean, gather resources, build shelters, budget, etc. Genuinely enjoys fighting. Has a tendency to express affection through gifts. Takes immense pleasure of running Favian through training regimes until he gets too tired to continue. Carries her battle axe everywhere. She even has a small bed for the war axe that Favian has lovingly dubbed "Bun-Bun". Velvet secretly loves the name


Vastle for An-Nok-

Name: Maki Setsuna Lao 


Age: 25


Human looks: Ref Maki is slender, fit and 6'3" tall (190.5cm) she easily sticks out in a crowd. Her hair has naturally occurring poliosis, that she colors with washable dies, mostly purple. Her eyes are silver, both hight and eyes being a trademark of Empress Lao her mother.  She has multiple scars on her due to Keni her Saber wolf mount, a tree shaped birthmark on her back right shoulder and a mole under one eye. When not in royal robes, she is usually in a priestess like outfit, hair braided or tied back with a violet or white ribbon.


personality:  Brave and bold. Having been told and trained her whole life to rule, she is quite humble for a princess. Her mother taught her to take care of herself until she was in her mid teens so she grew to appreciate the work others did for her. Has a air of calmness around her even in tense situations and will naturally take charge of the situation if needed be. A true natural born leader with wisdom beyond her years.


non-magic weapons: A longbow. She does know a little magic, mostly for purifying miasma or small doses of minor poison. 


Other: She views Samir as a little brother, although he was raised to be her bodyguard and advisor like his mother was to her own, but when his mother passed away when he was six, she started to drag him everywhere so he wouldn't be alone. She was the fifth person in her nation to tame a wild Saber Wolf she calls Keni (key-neye like brother bear)


Vastle from Sash-Har:

Name: Minerva (Min or Erve for short)


Age: 21


Domain: Fire


Appearance: she's 5'5" tall with long red hair with blonde highlights that she pulls back so that it's out of her eyes with Nile green eyes. like her cousin, she wears a burkini but one of a purple color and a black cloth that covers her head with tan sandals.


Personality: protective of her cousin Violet much like an older sister, kind mainly with Violet unless she knows other people better and then she's kind to others as well, and a bit mysterious.


Weapons: none and like her cousin, would like to learn


Other: she likes to look up at the night sky either by herself or with her cousin and try to find constellations. 

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((I'll start it off, if that's okay 😊. also, sorry in advance that it might have incorrect stuff in it and if it might also be a bit short. I just put things that sounded right as I typed and was expecting it to be a bit longer than it ended up being. I'll edit it if needed))


Violet and Minerva met up outside of town early that morning to start heading towards Wizard City. They figured that it would take them awhile to get there so they gave themselves an early start. Her abilities were getting a bit stronger and she wanted to get away in order to help protect the rest of the people of Sash-Har since she didn't want to accidentally hurt anyone, which she was afraid of doing if she stayed there while her abilities continued to grow and get stronger. At about mid-noon or so, they arrived at the bridge that would bring them to the city and saw the wizards standing there (I think that’s what it does but I’ll edit this if that’s not the case and if the wizards aren't there, I can edit that part out as well).

The cousins exchanged confused glances before Violet spoke up in an unsure voice since she wasn't sure why they were there or what they were there for, "We'd like to get to the city if possible"

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(( yay it's starting! i'll edit too if needed, sorry if it's short : D ))


"Wow," Lyria said out loud, in an excited, sharp little tone as the beginnings of the grand bridge leading to Wizard City came into view. "It's so pretty!"


Damon looked over in response to her words, and shook his head. "It's alright," was his final assessment, as he swung his head back around and analysed the group standing on the bridge carefully. Thinking to himself, the young prince took a step forward. 


"Lyria," he said, drawing her attention away from the beautiful landscape before them. "Act properly," he reminded, and her face fell, nodding in response as she followed him towards the gathered crowd. 


Just as Violet finished speaking, Damon interrupted as well with a dip of his head as greeting. "Good morning. We'd like to as well, if possible."  

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The Wizard of fire stood nearest to the dragon back ridge of the bridge, then Air, Earth and water nearest to the falls. Each stood in a magic circle surrounded by their element. 


Leaning on her staff of red glass, the fire wizard perked up seeing the two from her old kingdom were girls. She grinned and spread her bony fingers. "Children of Sash-Har, I am Ember, the great mage of flame, I welcome you to our city, however to enter we must wait for three.... No make that two other parties." She said with a kind look in her warm brown eyes. 


The Earth wizard nodded his head adjusting his heavy green robes that hunched his back, pulling the fur tighter around him. "I am Jasper, wizard of Earth. It is a honor to meet the Marked ones and the young Prince of Havana along with the princess of Sash-Har. We still have two more parties to wait for. Although, i would like to get inside. I am not young anymore, and unlike my Fire and Air sisters, I can not  adjust the air around me to heat up my ancient bones. " He grumbled a bit.


"Ah! There she is! Lady Maki and Lord Simar!" Shouted the elderly woman between the earth and fire wizards. She was barely above four feet and three quarters tall, looked quite a bit younger than the three of them, only having a large chunk of white in her dark hair and had wrinkles only around her eyes and mouth from smiling often. She waved to two growing specks in the distance, making the sleeves of her laptiz colored kimono flap wildly.


It was only three minutes later that two more people arrived. Both dismounted their beasts and bowed in respect to their elders before the tall girl got to her knees to hug the Air wizard. "Granny Sora! It's been too long since I've seen you last! Have you gotten shorter?" Maki joked as the wizard scoffed and folded her arms pulling away from the hug. "It's not my fault you're tall as the sky! Now move aside princess, it's been a while since I've seen Samir too." When Maki obliged her request the blue haired boy with weaving swirl marks on his right hand and on his left cheek and lightning bolts under his eyes, also hugged the woman. His face was blank, well the part that isn't hidden by his hair and he was very quiet seemingly studying the others without a word to assess the situation. "We are missing one." He finally spoke, voice deep, with a large accent in common tongue that was almost like a base melody in itself.  He placed a hand on his Blue Gazelle who was nudging him slightly as if sensing his discomfort at the crowd.


Ember nodded to the Water wizard. "Yes, I hear that Tide has his hands full with his Marked.  Hopefully they'll get here in time for a early supper." She said adjusting her headscarf and moved over to Jasper, her red staff tip glowed a soft yellow as she held it in front of Jasper as a cool gust came from the mountains just then. 


Sora piped up waving her cherry blossom wand around.  "After all of you get here, we'll give you a quick tour of the city on the way to the Academy, eat dinner then show each of you your classrooms, library, sparring area and archery, shooting range and lastly your rooms. Girls will stay in the hallway where  Ember's and my room are and the boys will stay in the same hallway that Jasper and Tide sleep in. These are the best rooms and where remodeled and reserved for you the moment the first Marked was born in anticipation of this day! Tomorrow is a small celebration officially welcoming you here and time to explore, familiarize the Academy as well as get settled in before class starts the day after. We will be teaching you ourselves, and yes you'll learn about each element, not just the one you control." She emphasized her last statement looking at all of them.

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(sorry for posting so late!! i've been a bit busy with finals this month)


Even though he couldn't see her, Favian knew that Velvet was less than pleased with him. He could feel her eyes glaring, digging into the back of his skull. They were supposed to arrive at the city gates early in the morning along with the other Marked. It wasn't Favian's fault that, while traveling through a town to reach their destination, he got caught up playing games and mingling with some of the locals. It would have been rude of him to turn them away when they asked him so nicely. Sure, it might have been prudent to play with them into the sun began to peek over the horizon, but who was he to refuse them? After all that merrymaking, it would only make sense for him to try and get a few hours sleep before attending a very important meeting. Velvet, being her normal Velvety self, beat Favian with the knob of her axe until he got up and prepped himself for the trip. Favian subconsciously rubbed the back of his shoulder. It would be some time before the bruises faded.


As they approached the city gates, Favian spotted the silhouettes of several standing at the entrance bridge.

"Ah, look at that!" Favian said, motioning towards the group. "Everyone's already here. Fancy that!"

"We're late." It was the first words Velvet had spoken since she had chewed Favian out for oversleeping. Favian tsked, wagging his finger in disapproval. "We're fashionably late," he corrected. Velvet did not reply, but Favian could she her knuckles turn white as she tightened her grip on her axe. Favian elected to ignore it as best he could.


Once the two had arrived within earshot of the group, Favian, remembering his manners, bowed politely.

"Apologizes for our late arrival," he said. "We had encountered some unforeseen complications." A true statement although it was by no means as dire as the vagueness of his words implied. Favian would have loved to tell the rest of his group (a group of possible new friends!!) about why he was late, but he didn't want to incur the wrath of his tiny companion again anytime soon.

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((it’s okay :). I’ve been there and finals suck :())


Both Violet and Minerva smiled at the fire wizard named Ember when they could tell that she also came from Sash-Har and that was a welcome sight which caused them to feel less nervous. They then nodded in reply when they heard that they needed to wait for two other parties first before they could go into the city. “It’s nice to see another face from Sash-Har and we’re happy to meet you,” Violet said with a nod towards her and Minerva did the same.


Violet saw the other small group of people of two people that came up behind her and Minerva before the Earth wizard, Jasper, introduced himself. She nodded to him and to the other two people that had arrived in acknowledgement. They stood off to the side to wait until the other groups they were waiting for to arrive. They had heard everything that the air wizard, Sora, said about learning more of the element the ones called the Marked had in addition to the other ones as well as where they would all sleep. “Could we also learn how to use weapons?” Minerva asked as Violet nodded in agreement.


She had just asked that before the last two people that they were waiting to show up, showed up shortly after. They nodded to them in acknowledgement as they approached.

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Damon, the perfectly presented gentleman, stepped up to the task immediately. "Allow me, Elder," he said to Jasper, a hand clasped over to his chest in respect as he made his way to stand beside the Earth wizard, indicating that he was able and willing to help with any tasks. "Thank you all for your invitations." 


The somewhat-chaotic entrance sequences of the last two Marked reassured him as to their competency levels -- that is, not very high, he concluded. The radical cheerfulness contrasted with the broody silence from the An-Nok group gave him a headache already, and he wasn't quite sure the Sahala Marked even knew where they were or what they were here to do. The Sash-Har group ... well, he would make a decision sooner or later, Damon thought to himself. 


Perhaps it's for the best that they're not all skilled masters at craft, Damon thought, with a secretly relieved sigh. That makes up for --


Lyria gave a small shriek suddenly, surprised, as a small ruby-scaled Coigon rolled himself into his full length and scampered from within the confines of her cloak, alerted by the many people gathered together (and all the new shiny things). 


-- for her, Damon thought irritably.  Quick as a flash, he reached forwards and grabbed the Coigon by the back of neck, holding it in the air before it could jump at any of their gathered guests. 


"El," Lyria said, grabbing for her 'pet'; he purposefully moved the little dragon away from her grasp, directing his head towards the gathered crowd, and thankfully Lyria seemed to snap on quickly.


"I'm so sorry," she said, flushing in embarrassment. "I -- um, I'll put him in his carrier for our tour ..." 


"Please excuse us," Damon echoed, with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.  "Let us begin."


He dropped the Coigon and Lyria stepped forwards in a rush, catching the little dragon in her arms before it hit the ground (really, that thing has never touched the ground, Damon thought) and sliding slightly backwards to avoid drawing further attention while cooing to it softly. 

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"Honestly how do you deal with him?" Tide said softly to Velvet tapping his cane staff of coral and pearls impatiently. "Welcome all to Wizard City!  Now let's get going." Tide said leading the way. Jasper tilted his head seeing the Coigon. Then he took the young lads arm for support as they begin to move, his joints stiff from the cold and staying still for so long. "We only help with the magic side of the items, it's the students here who come up with the ideas. Young ones sure have plenty of ideas. I'm sure you will come to make something exciting for yourself young Prince. " He rasped.


Ember shook her head, falling back beside the two girls of her country. "We are far too old to teach such things to you young ones. However I'm sure if you ask one of your fellow Marked they might teach you. Sora practically sings An-nok's group praises for their proficiency to use weapons."  


Samir was hanging back watching the entire group while Maki moved over to Lyria bouncing with excitement as her Saber wolf walked beside her. "Is that a Coigon? So pretty! I always wanted one but merchants don't frequent the capital due to the cold and steep climb isn't suitable for horses and wagons. You said it's name is El? This is Keni, my beloved steed and lovely companion. Although cute, my Saber Wolf is the most handsome." She said cooing as she scratched the wolf cat on the nose getting a deep purr from him. 

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Velvet spared Tide a cursory glance. Her eyes strayed over to Favian for heartbeat before sighing and shaking her head. "Someone has to," she said softly but firmly. Favian, who was gawking at the sights of the city, perked up.

Despite how quiet Velvet had been, he had apparently heard well enough. He spun around, grinning at the wizard.


"Aha! It's rare to see Velvet so talkative!" Favian patted her head once, quickly retreating a few steps back when her hand drifted towards the handle of her axe. "I don't think I've ever seen anywhere as grand as this," Favian continued. He paused momentarily, pivoting on his heel to face the other younger members of the group. "I take it none of you have been here before either?" Favian asked, walking backwards so he could keep up with the group while looking his new companions--perhaps new friends--in the eye while he spoke. Rolling her eyes, Velvet wordlessly grabbed Favian's arm; it was an instinct formed after years of watching Favian trip or bump into people while excitedly talking to people and not paying attention to his surroundings.


"We've always traveled a bit in Sahala, doing this and that you know," Favian made a vague motion with his hands. "But, we've never been anywhere as exciting as this! Oh!" Favian temporarily spun back around towards the front of the group. "Hey! Uh, your Grace oh, er, Mr Tide? How exactly big is this city and the academy? Would there be anyone else attending besides us Marked? Oh, woah! Look at that!" Velvet tightened her grip on Favian's arm as he tried to wander off towards a nearby leatherworking. "Wow there's nothing like that back home! Do you have that kind of shop back in your homes?" Favian beamed back at the other Marked, excited to hear any of their opinions on the huge, majestic city.

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Violet looked over at Damon when she felt him look at both her and her cousin, smiling a bit at him although she knew that he probably thought they were a bit too naive but she didn’t really care. She then looked over at her cousin and they both looked a bit crestfallen when they heard Ember say that the wizards couldn’t teach them how to use weapons, but then they looked a bit motivated when they heard that they could learn from their fellow group-mates. They nodded before turning their attention to being on the others again, noticing that the other two members that they had been waiting on to arrive had done that. Minerva noticed that the Marked that was from Sahala was a bit too excited, but then just shrugged it off.


“No we don’t have anything like that in Sash-Har,” Violet said in reply to his question while looking over at what he’d been looking at before looking over at Minerva to confirm and she also shook her head. “I’m very excited to learn new things.” Violet said this last statement after her cousin had confirmed what she had said about the leather working place.

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Strutting with pride at helping the elder -- and thus being assigned a position of much importance in leading the group towards the City, at least in his mind -- Damon nodded, content for now with the explanation. "Very well," he announced, with a quick flick of the head that brushed his bangs back, a gleam in his eye. "Fear not. There are many things I intend to implement, and ideas I have. With your blessing, Elder, I assume we'll get along very well." 


At Favian's sudden announcements the blond raised an unimpressed eyebrow, wondering how he was able to walk backwards and if that would lead to his inevitable doom. How it must be to live such a carefree life ...


"Similar sorts," he answered in Lyria's stead, given the aforementioned girl was currently preoccupied. "If you were to go in and ask, though, I believe they'd apprentice you." It was meant as a jest, given Favian was already technically "employed" as part of the Marked. 


Lyria saw Maki bound over from Saimr's side with her accompanying saber wolf by her side and slowed her steps even further,  until the taller girl was easily able to slide beside her. Once they met, Lyria made a small sound of amazement as Maki bounded up, unable to resist verbalising what she thought of the other girl's impressive height. 


"O-oh, um," she stuttered, the quick questions a little overwhelming. Determined however to answer this friendly inquiry, Lyria took a breath and regained her composure.  "Yes! Thank you very much, he's very dear to me ..." 


She tilted her head at the mention of Keni, eyes positively sparkling in response to seeing a saber wolf up close. "I've never seen one, only pictures in books," she breathed, almost without thinking as she admired the impressive markings,  "he's beautiful -- oh!" The purring startled her initially, but she felt comforted by the sight of how much Keni obviously trusted his companion, and vice versa. 


"El, say hi," she nudged the little dragon to come forwards, but despite his earlier bravado it seemed her coigon was being shy now, likely from the earlier scolding; in response, El only tucked himself deeper into her hair, away from inquiring eyes. "I'm sorry," she apologised, "he really only comes out for treasures. You said your homeland is cold and steep? How do you travel about and get resources, then?" She couldn't imagine such a different land from the bustling trade routes and frequent communications across Havana. 

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