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Good to meet you! All things BTS, stateraes, and NDs <3

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Hi friends!

After so many years of not being able to respond to topics while logged into the forum, I FINALLY realized the reason why..... Because I hadn't yet made this one little introductory post.  *sigh*

So here we go! 

My scroll name is stanggirl258... Don't judge the name. I was really into Mustangs back in 2009, but BTS has taken over as my primary scroll theme (most of my dragons are being renamed as their lyrics). I've been working really hard on breeding stateraes and hatching neglected dragons for trade (at which I could hardly be considered successful), but we're working on it! I'll keep everyone posted as I get better at the whole process. I hope to eventually be of help to some people who have been struggling to at least get the sprite on their scroll.

P.S. There's another scroll out there belonging to -1004- which is operated by my better half ❤️

P.S. #2 Check out my BTS line-up


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 Welcome to the forum ! 🌷 

That's very nice to have a theme for your scroll ! 😀

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