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Shard imbalance, 'extra' shards, confused?

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Is anyone else seeing their shard count go above the normal 100-per-week limit? Awhile back there seemed to be a small glitch that resulted in some people getting a few extra shards and those extras weren't taken away (I've always had 10 'extra' since that point), but now it might be happening again? 

I had 3510 before the Sunday reset. Did a lot of stuff on DC today, enough to get my 100 shards already, which would put me at 3610. ... But I'm now at 3613 *and* the bar on the Market-page says I've only earned 97/100 shards. 


Where I was two days ago:



And now:





Seems to have stopped at 3616, showing 100/100 now and not increasing when I pick up an AP egg. So I've earned 106 shards in the past 24-ish hours...

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You made me doublecheck and I'm in the same situation. Was at 1732 before reset, at my cap right now - yet the counter is clearly displaying wrong information. No extra shards on my part however, the cap is 'proper'.



Probably just a minor code error. Pretty sure I've seen this happen before as well, though I might be mistaken.

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I reached my shard limit yesterday and bought something with them leaving 50 shards remaining. But despite being at 100/100 shards a few hours ago now it says I'm at 36%


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Interesting. You made me look at mine. I have been carrying a weird extra 28 points for a long time and I certainly was active enough on DC yesterday to earn my full 100 shards, but this is what I find:


Breeding another dragon did not add to my shard total or percentage, either.



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I'm getting more shards as well:




On Sunday I went from 7500 to 7600 and now I'm getting more.

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this happened to me as well. went from 1300 to 1400 on sunday, then somehow got to 1439 on monday (total hasn't moved since).

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