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Rainbow sort needs improvements!

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I searched for "rainbow sort" in the topic name for the suggestions/requests board, but couldn't find something matching this result.


This one has bothered me for a bit, but it really stands out for the holiday dragons. I have a group specific for the holiday dragons like a lot of players. I use rainbow sort because "ooh pretty rainbow," but I noticed something was off when I was checking what I needed to complete my Halloween goals.


The first thing I noticed was that hatchlings were just kind of in the middle of groups. It seems like after applying rainbow sort, age is the second priority on listing dragons. This makes groups of dragons within the same breed look disorganized.



Furthermore, sexual dimorphism will mess up where a dragon sorts. Instead of grouping dragons by a breed's average hex color, each sprite is individually sorted. This creates another awkward situation, where breeds are being split apart. In this example not only is Arcana male split away from female, despite the overall color palettes being incredibly similar, Graves are split apart, too. In the middle, the 2011 Holiday is kinda awkwardly placed, which looks strangely out of place. Maybe the average color of the 2011 Holiday dragon is pale yellow, but it would make no sense as to why the Arcana, which is mostly purple and yellow, is split between a 2011 Holiday sandwich. Furthermore, it makes even less sense for the mostly purple hatchling to be placed before 2011 Holidays, if the average color was pale yellow.



The changes I propose for improving rainbow sort are as follows:

  • Consider the average color of the breed and sort by that, instead of individual sprites.
  • Prioritize growth after. Allow players to choose if hatchlings show first or last.
  • Finally, sort by age.

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This is a pretty good idea, but there's some issues that would arise if sorting by breed color and not individual sprite-- a few breeds, like Hellfire, Hellhorse, Astaarus, Anagallis, and Minstras, to name a few, have fairly different colors between their two poses. It wouldn't make sense to stick the two poses together when sorting by rainbow for these breeds!


Snow Angels also have different colors depending on the scroll of the user they are on.

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