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Checkerbird - group lineage project

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finally decided to start a lineage project, based on avian-like dragons!
ive always wanted to try to make a good checkerboard, especially with the bird-like dragons!

the format for this post is kind of stale atm, but this is my first time doing this so hopefully it gets better over time


anyone can join in and trade eggs for better and longer lineages!



  • No inbreeding
  • only 2 breeds allowed per checkerboard
  • for an authentic checkerbird lineage, the following dragons can be used
    • Pygmy: Pipio, mariner
    • Standard Dragons; Antarean, Alcedine Wyvern, Khusa, Mirisia, Iris Floret Wyverns, Shumoga
  • if variants exist for the dragons, only one should be used
  • all dragons used should be bird-like (if i missed any please let me know so i can add it!)
  • you can abandon or kill hatchies/eggs, but we recommend offering it up for trade in the thread!
  • any names can be used 


extra info


Breeders: (tba)


Lineages: (tba)


Open trades:


Egg/Hatchie waiting list:






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