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"Create Group" link at top of 'Groups' page.

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Title basically says it all. There is a link at the bottom, which - for all I care, can stay there. But having one at the top would be super swell. I have a LOT of groups, so always having to scroll to the bottom to click that link in creating a new group is..kind of annoying.




Also, perhaps a paragraph break, or line break, or..whatever the term is anymore, between these links and the groups list.



-Create Group-


group 1

group 2

group 3

group 4 

group 5



-Create Group- 


Both suggestions may seem silly, perhaps the second more than the first, but the second has been driving me nuts just as long.

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Small QOL improvement. I support.

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Yes, please. As purplehaze says, QOL.


I have no idea how many groups I have now, (50+?) and seem to be needing more almost daily lately so this would be a nice change

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