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Hey all! I am a brand-new player (to both game and forums). I have always enjoyed games of this type, and figured I would enjoy this one too. The artwork for the dragons is absolutely precious ❤️ I'm already in love with this game, I don't bite, feel free to chat me up! 

PS: I'm a gearhead! If you're into that too, please don't hesitate to speak up. I could always use more car friends :D

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Thanks you guys! So far, so good. Already have registered for some click sites, thanks for the recommendations!

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Welcome to DC, @Kinniki^_^

For new and returning players, I highly recommend The Mentoring Project. They’ll pair you with a mentor to help you with questions about the game and give you a good head start. :)


You can find a mentor here:


Enjoy DC! :nyan:

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