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Which is more rare??

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I apologise for posting this, I really do. But I've been struggling for hours, researching and researching and still unable to choose which is better, while the clock is ticking and these people could redact their offers at any moment... 

I've got 2 shockingly good offers:

1- a CB ice.

2- a 2G rainbow copper + 3G silver tinsel.

Which one is the better offer?? Please help out your overwhelmed pal, thanks :D

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It really depends on what you think, what dragons you like more and want more on your scroll. I would say a CB Ice is 'rarer' than a 2g rainbow copper or a 3g silver tinsel, but with both of those offered together you might prefer the 2 non-cbs over the 1 cb. Or maybe you want an Ice more if you like the sprite or don't have many. I know this is a really vague answer but trading value is very dependent on personal preference... Although, if you are looking for just straight rarity with the intention of trading whatever offer you accept, CB Ice would probably trade better.

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