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Hello mates! I'm new here! ^^

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Hey mates, it's Zack here. I joined this game in May because of some mates I met at another forum. But I didn't join here cause I was unfamiliar with the game and the slang you use. So I was nervous.


If I tell the truth, I'm new not only to this game but also to online games. I've never in my life enjoyed video games. So you can call me a nerd! 😅


But I was curious to see how the cute tiny eggs in those signatures of my mates turn into powerful dragons. So I asked about this and that's how I end up here.


Anyway, I've finally decided to explore the forum and see what I could learn and enjoy. Hope you guys will help and guide me. 😉👍


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Welcome to the forum ! 🌻

Don't hesitate to ask about anything really, I was also very unfamiliar with the slang used ! 😊

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Hey Zack! Nice to see you on the forums :D

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