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​☕​ The BSA Breakfast Club​☕​ -- We Breed BSAs for the AP!

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Sent a few BSAs to the AP:



1 aeon

3 bolts

3 magis (+1 shallow water)

2 pinks

3 purples

3 whites (+1 sophrosyne)

1 green

1 red

And 1 ice and 2 magmas.


I made sure the dragons weren't inbred.  (A good part of my BSA dragons are, haha.)



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8 aeon just dropped! All even gen, about 5 are pure bred

That's luckier than I usually get, usually I breed all my aeon and get 5 eggs at most


Update 1:

5 red

10 white

2 Sophrosyne

dropped while breeding my whites


3 random undine, 2 daydream got mixed in


Update 2:

5 magi

7 shallow water

dropped while breeding my magis (weird, they only want to throw shallow water and water when bred to water today)


6 water got mixed in


Update 3:

5 green

dropped while breeding my greens (meh, just realized I only have like 14 of these guys...and most of that was caught after the shumonga release too)


2 geode got mixed in

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Sent random batches of Reds, Pinks, Purples, Greens, Whites, Bolts, Zyus, and Shallow Water dragons throughout the day. Tried to space them out for different times.


The most stubborn for me today were Pinks. Reds were kinda stubborn, too. Shallow Water dragons seemed to breed more easily today.


I’m saving a number of my caveborns for the holiday Christmaskin breeding in two days (Dec. 4). I’ve discovered Glystere Wyrms look really nice with Bolts. :) I also like Reds paired with Mistletoes and Aeons with Eradors. 

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I just sent off 4 Bolts, 4 Greens, and 1 Pink. My Greens mostly gave me mate's breed (including that Pink) or Geodes if I purebred them. :rolleyes:

I may breed some Magis, Reds, and Pinks later, if I get my Christmas tree decorated soon enough. I am off to do that now.

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Just bred and abandoned:

1 Thunder

5 Bolts

7 Magi

6 Reds

7 Whites

The Thunder was an accidental result from Thunder x Bolt.

I thought Bolts, Magi, Reds, and Whites are likely to be the most needed during the coming holiday breeding season.

I will try to sprinkle more of them out there over the next few days.

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A big welcome to newcomers to the thread (I'm a bit behind here! :blush: )  @Dragon_Tamer_Rita, @DreamButton, @stikystuff, @swordblush, @Shakura Kazuki, @laevsk, @Seriva Senkalora, @Melusina, @ShorahNagi, and @Arcy^_^


A big thank you to  @purplehaze, @Moriaty, @dragongrrl, @TerraDei, @HeatherMarie, @Fetus, @0x08, @BringsTheSnow, @soullessheartofsteel, and everyone else who has bred. 🤗 🙏 


@Library_gremlin, you are so welcome! We are happy to help! ^_^


Bred a bunch of stuff, trying to help people who will need those Reds and Pinks, Magis, and others for the holiday season. Also bred Greens, Purples, Bolts and Shallow Waters, because ... the more Splash, the quicker the trophy! Things are about to get crazy with the holidays, so I focused on Reds and Pinks. 


An announcement, although I don't want it to get lost here: For all Vampire lovers, including @BringsTheSnow and @0x08: We're adding Sunday as the "official" Vampire egg bite/drop day.  Like all our other days, Vampire eggs can be bitten and dropped to the AP on any day. :) 

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Posted (edited)

Bred some Reds (12) and Magis (7). Started to get no interest a lot, so decided to stop for a bit.  😬


Also bred a Pink and a Shallow Water dragon.)


Round 2 Weds. (4:11 pm- 4:33 pm EDT dropped to AP):


Bred 11 Pinks, Two Shallow Water, One White, 4 Purple, and 1 Red. 

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Posted (edited)

With the holiday and all it has been awhile since I bred any of these for the AP. I am currently scroll-locked so, with nothing else I can do at the moment, I will try breeding some BSAs to autoabandon.


Edit: Okay! Over the last few hours I have sent the following to the AP:

3 Zyus, 17 Magi, 5 Shallow Waters, 10 Reds, 15 Pinks, 1 Green, 3 Bolts, 1 Thunder, 9 Purples, 26 Whites, and 6 Sophrosenes


My Bolts and Greens were stubborn and gave me no eggs or wrong eggs most of the time.

I will try breeding some Trios this evening. The one Thunder I got was from an attempted Bolt.

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My trio drags did not want to cooperate today so I only managed to toss out two messy magmas.

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I didn't get to do my Trio breeding until today. Like sleepymuggle I did not have much success.

Out of 21 Magmas I got 3 Magma eggs and 5 mate's breed eggs (including 3 Magi). All other breedings failed!

Out of 20 Ices breedings I got 2 Ice eggs and 6 mate's breed (including 1 Pink). The rest were failures.

Out of 15 Thunders, I got 0 Thunder eggs and 6 mate's breed.

That is 22 eggs out of 56 tries! Pretty dismal. :( But at least there are 5 more Trios and 4 other BSA dragons out there in the AP.

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I managed to breed and abandon 23 Reds, 10 Pinks, 5 Magi, 1 Purple and 1 White tonight. :)

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Bred 7 Magi, 6 Shallow Water, 19 Reds, 4 Purple, 12 Pinks, 7 Whites, 4 Zyus, 1 Sophrosyne, and 1 Green.  :)

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