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​☕​ The BSA Breakfast Club​☕​ -- We Breed BSAs for the AP!

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Boredom at the Dentist has lead to me dropping:


1 Aeon (precog)

5 Bolt (stun)

2 Green (Earthquake)

27 Pink (influence)

6 purple (fertility)


*incubate, trio summon, ward, and expunge to come later


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It's been a while...


Just abandoned a smattering of BSA's:


1 3g PB Aeon

2 3g PB Pink

2 Purple

2 Magi

4 Red

2 White

2 Bolt


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I bred 4 each Bolt, Green, and Magi and dropped them about 2 and a half hours ago.

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Bred Reds and dropped them to the AP throughout the day.  Trying to help peeps getting ready for Halloween. Also bred some Pinks. :iraptor:

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Sent 12 Pinks to the AP. My Reds weren't too cooperative, so only 5 of those.


Editing to add my breeding today!

Magi - 7

Shallow Water - 4

Red - 2

Sophrosyne - 2

White - 8

Thunder - 1

Pink - 1

And just sent 2 more Whites to the AP after failed attempts to breed Gold Dorkfaces. XD

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Oh hey.  I've been doing this (and probably also benefiting from it, thank you all) for years without realizing there was a named effort underway.  I will happily take up the cause more formally.

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30 minutes ago, Reidemption said:

Can I as what you mean by breed BSA's for the AP? What's the AP? Do you get something cool for doing it?

BSA: breed-specific action (more info). Some breeds have unique abilities that are very helpful to the player. For example, Red Dragons' Incubate makes an egg hatch sooner and Purple Dragons' Fertility increases the chances of eggs being produced from a breeding attempt.


AP: abandoned page (more info). This is where eggs and hatchlings that were abandoned will go, for other players to pick up.


What you get for breeding BSA breeds for the AP: other players' gratitude! One can never have enough BSA dragons on their scroll since they're so useful, and they can be hard to come by, so this thread was created to facilitate the collection of BSA dragons. ^_^

And of course, the intro post provides more context:


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Happy Friday.


I just send a big bunch of various BSA dragons to the AP.

From Aeon to Zyu I bred all my pairs.


Purebreds and checkers mostly. :)




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