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Been on here since 2010

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Hi y'all! I've been using Dragon Cave sporadically since about 2010, when I made my first account (now lost to time). I picked it back up during a period of stress, put it down, then came back when I got stir-crazy over a year ago. I've been on here consistently since then.

I'm into Judaism, UFOs, Discord moderation, and spreadsheets! Actually, I joined the forums specifically to share a Pyropellis spreadsheet I started. Hopefully I'll be able to post soon, I'm excited to contribute!

EDIT: Here's the sheet, if anyone's interested.

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Hello and welcome back! I'm still trying to track down all the Pyropellis variations. XD 

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Welcome to the forum ! 🌻

Wow, we need people like you ! I'm not very good at spreadsheets ! 😅

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