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New Forum Member, with a 10 Year Old Account!

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Hello! I'm LP, and I have never had the need to use or post on the forums before now! My account was made back in 2011,  and a few years ago I rediscovered it, actually learned how to play the game as I was a literal child before, and now I casually check it every day or two! I primarily play FlightRising daily, which led me to rediscover DC! 


I do art as both a hobby and an occupation, although drawing dragons isn't really my specialty haha, but you can check my instagram for my art, littleparade_! I draw cute girls among other things, and have an Etsy where I sell stickers and wooden charms, linked on my instagram! I don't want to advertise too many things at once so I'll leave it at that! Thank you for having me!

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Welcome to the forum ! 🌻

I just checked your art on Insta, I really love it ! My favorite is the pretty pastel owl ! 🥰

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Welcome :) Your Insta art is so cute! You should deffo do a dragon or two, be so cute in your style.

I also 'doodle' and turn mine into stickers, notepads, ect :) 

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