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ANSWERED:Confusing chronology on an AP dragon [ANSWERED]

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I just saw a hatchling on the Abandoned Page that had 2 days left.

When I picked it up and DC took me to its "Share" page, as it usually does, it was still a hatchling.

Then I went to my scroll and didn't see it near the top, so I scrolled down, and sure enough it had grown up instantly!

Laid on Aug 13, hatched on Aug 15, grew up on Aug 31

This is the dragon's timeline. Laid on August 13, hatched on August 15, grew up on August 31 (today). It was probably incubated, since it hatched after just 2 days. But it means 16(!!!) days passed before the hatchling grew. To my knowledge, though, a hatchling only lives 7 days.

So how is this possible? Did the hatchling get stunned multiple times by its previous owner? I'm so confused!

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Oh, wow...! Thank you for answering, that possibility didn't even cross my mind. This is kind of awesome. I'll treasure these death-defying girls.


Moderators may close this if they wish, since my "question" has been answered. 😅

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