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The Cursed

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In the land of Ammar, the far southern region is plagued with beasts, both magical and not, and barbarian men bent on destroying the kingdom to obtain the vast magical artifacts there. However, one family stands as guard in the narrow passeges of the massive mountain range; the Melstroms.  This family has all sorts of nasty gossip about them, the most prominent of course is how hideously disfigured the men are alongside how brutal they can be to those who wronged them.


One evening, a mayor of a great homestead near the mountain range was saved by the heir of the Melstroms and owed a life to him. Promising a young woman in marriage he went out to find a woman in his land to be with the young leader by year's end.




Witches are ladies who can either nullify or enhance magical artifacts and abilities alongside the spells and potions they create. However in Ammar, anyone who is discovered to be a witch is sent to cruel camps for magical enslavement and entertainment of the lords, and those who refuse get unjustly accused of major crimes and burned at the stake. When the Mayor's time is nearly up, in a desperate attempt to keep his head, he sends an accused murderer to the Melstroms Castle. 


This 'murderer' is a witch with a power to break curses. However, when the truth of the Melstroms comes to light, could she break the curse they are under?





-no official romance until page 5

- you'll have to describe the man I play as they say, it's in the eye of the beholder. My idea may not be the same as yours. The physical body and fitness of him are my focus.

-this will take a darker tone, hurting oneself will be a pattern, depression and self deprecating words and actions are common to my character. If this makes you uncomfortable please don't read or roleplay here. Not to the extreme, but will be mentioned frequently. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

- sacrifice, animal and human are both mentioned in this rp as well. 

-this is a 1x1 only

-questions are to be sent via PM.

-Of course DC rules apply.




Character sheet


Name: (full name; first, middle and last)


Abilities: ( both physical and magical)


Blessings: (most of high birth or social standing are given blessings)

Curses: (details and how to break it)

Weapon: ( optional)





Monsters: in addition to the usual creatures, there's creatures native to the mountains, caves and vast forest beyond the Ammar mountain range. These are some of the beasts that our characters will encounter.


+ Mountain/Snow Beasts: large humanoid snow leopards with cunning intellect. Can use tools and weaponry. Mostly solitary creatures and group together only for a small family unit.  Strong as five well trained knights, but they are easily distracted by shiny objects and often selfish in nature. Catnip is a drug that'll make them docile and sometimes paralyzed.


+ Goloms: made of rocks and stone, and as dumb as the rocks they are created from. They use mostly brute force. Larger then two horses stacked, they communicate with short words and often get stuck in tight spaces. Could easily crumble if you find their heart fixture or smash their heads. Live in groups of twenty to a hundred.


+ Quadverns: wyvern dragons with four wings and two feet, their hide is tough and fireproof, but not all can breathe fire. Black ones are the most dangerous, fast and smart, blues are lazy and will pillage anything that peaks their interest, and reds are impulsive and hot tempered. Reds and blacks are fire breathers. Reds are solitary only coming together for mating, blues will make 'truces' with other beasts in an exchange of food for protection and blacks are known to have a council of sorts in large family groups who make decisions for the family.


+ Wargs: large massive wolf like creatures that live in the dark tunnels of abandoned mines and caves. Highly adept swimmers and have an excellent memory. Their claws can dig through stone to create maze like tunnels to trap pray. Usually dark in coloring and live in packs of five containing one male and four females.


+ Boreson: wild bores who can walk on two legs and have humanlike hands, the weakest of beasts. They live in clans of fifty, and often group to form small villages beyond the Ammarien mountain range, up to six clans can be together. Often form alliances with the blue Quadverns and offer up themselves as tribute and sacrifice.


+ Werewolves: humanoid wolves of brown or grey fur and travel in packs up to forty. Black werewolves are rare and could use concealing spells.




((Will add more later))





Name:  Quadir Phobius De Melstrom


Age: 23


Abilities: highly skilled fighter with nearly every weapon but has the most skill with a blade.  He has the strangth of five Mountain Beasts. 


Appearance: tall and fit, he usually wears armor however when relaxed he usually wears a tight black long sleeve outfit, black gloves and black pants that are tucked into black riding boots. His mask has the features of both a fox and goat mixed, curved horns at the top, and where his eyes are are small bits of red glass. 


Blessings: blessed with great strength and stamina for prolonged battles, night vision and survival skills, and lastly the ability to make anything out of knotwork. 


Curses: Monstrosity of Melstrom: the curse will make the one who is cursed see only themselves as grotesque and features deformed, however they are the most beautiful men alive. If the cursed is ever told the truth of their looks, they will die by turning to stone.

This can be broken, but at a great cost. One must be willing to give up their blood, body and soul as a sacrifice for the Great Deity artifact that protects the castle and is attached to the Melstrom family and their land.


Weapon: a long sword made of silver with a blue stone at the base of the hilt granting it nullification of magic used against the user and makes it unbreakable. 


Other: he is fond of animals, mostly tiny ones and wants a quiet moment to himself just to finish a book. 

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The witch: played by @SkySong278


Name: Alivia Hazel Beckett

Age: 21

Abilities: she has really good eyesight which allows her to see even in inclement weather conditions such as fog and snowstorms. she can also create witch stones out of gemstones other than quartz and can break curses.

Appearance: she’s 5’3” tall with long, bright red hair that she usually puts up in a ponytail or a braid down her back and nile green eyes. she wears long gowns in public but back at home in her cottage in the woods where she relaxes either inside or in the woods, she wears colorful long sleeve or shirt sleeve tunics and pants as that kind of clothing makes her most comfortable. she also wears a bracelet made of witch stones she’s created that she passes off as a gemstone bracelet she was given as a present by friend although, in truth, she actually made it herself.

Blessings: extrodanary eyesight

Curses: none

Weapon: she keeps a dagger on her person at all times in case it’s ever needed, mostly as a precaution but also as a way to defend herself.

Other: she tries to pass as a normal person when she’s around other people while also having a jewelry store in town.


Artifacts: every artifact has a name and power. They are often created from crystalized magic and are sometimes dropped from the strongest of magical beasts when slain. Some are used to protect castles, bless the land and to create items imbued with their power.  High Lords and the royal family monopolize these for gaining power.



Artifacts known- artifact power:


* Eye of Baal- absorbs power from beasts and spells it comes in contact with: this is the item on the hilt of Quadir's blade. The power makes the blade stronger each beast it slays. However there's a catch, if the user is deemed unworthy to use the eye of the Jinn Baal it would become heavy and impossible to use. Quadir only uses this on monsters. He rarely uses it on humans unless they have attacked him first.


* Great Deity- grants fertile land, unnatural healing abilities, and with a bit of blood of the Melstrom family; a barrier against the monsters for four months.: This is a white statue of a beautiful bodied man with six demon like wings and his face is goat-like with a wide nose and underbite with tusks. The feet are stained a deep brown. The base of this statue has a alter attached where offerings are set to appease him. This beast was actually once living, and turned to stone after uttering the curse of the Melstrom family after their ancestors asked it to bless them with  children unknowing the cost of such was to give their first child to the creature. A Life for a Life. Believing that the beautiful baby boy would be devoured they refused, however the creature simply wanted a child of his own. Devastated At their refusal and act of violence against him, he cursed them. The statues of the men all gain a similar face to the creature's only each time it gets worse in appearance.


* Tear of the Demon Azoc- grants rain and favorable farming weather depending on how large the animal sacrifice is: Azoc was a Demon who made the south a desolate place and loved stories, often demanding a story teller from the local homesteads and devouring them if he didn't like the tale they told. One day a traveling witch went to the Demon and wove a tale so hilarious his rolling around created the plains. Then, knowing demons can't cry without turning to dust, the Witch told a tale so sorrowful the demon wept a lake before desolving. The demon's first tear contained his power over weather. This beautiful droplet stone now sits at  Lord Gunther's castle in which the Mayor (Gunther's cousin) of the homestead who owes his life to the Melstrom family lives.


* Witches Stones- stones of various colors no smaller than a thumbnail and no larger than a melon: stones created by witches that look like gems of various colors and sizes, usually made of quartz in which the power is channeled into. These can make water pure, start fires, used as lights, and any other mondaine thing. Can be used by anyone but are so expensive only those of high statuses can afford them.  To use a simple word in the ancient language Cazoc needs to be said. 


* Heart of Ammar- provides devine protection, fertility, longevity and vitality to a single family, and gives magic to those born and deemed worthy.: This is a large diamond heart that sits above the throne of the King. The first King was a warrior whom lost meny under his command and resolved to protect his people at the cost of his life.  The jewel spoke to him, pledging it's allegiance to him until the day his bloodline will end, then it shall choose a new king. The current king is a descendant of the first. The gem also whispers to certain young children in dreams asking what they would do if given power. If it likes the answer, when the child reaches around the ages of 7 to 12 they start to display power and are taught through dreams how to use their ability by the jewel. At age 16 the connection is cut, but the knowledge and magic remain for the child to continue to refine and grow.




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overflow of monsters/ Artifacts again... It will definitely grow as lore comes to me in spurts


Monsters cont.


Anuki- Dog demons that are as tall as a human, bipedal and look like black/brown/grey greyhounds or great Danes with pointed ears, long noses and four long fingered paws. They don't have thumbs and live up to 30 years old, reaching adulthood at 2. Highly intelligent, capable of speaking languages and creating an form of hieroglyphic writing. Live in city groups up to 200, socal and loyal to their families with a great sense for right and wrong. One of the only 'monsters' humans would trade with.


+ Pandasantia- a dog faced creature with a spider like pattern on its face and a cat like body with red eyes. It says it causes fear of rejection and when it's power increases, manifests flames in dreams when nearby. These flames will eventually consume the dreamer and cause paralysis and unconsciousness, for they feast on the fears of others until they devour the soul of the dreamer. Travels in threes and can look like street mutts.


+Wendigos- Run in packs with a queen called a Mordu. Packs can have a verity is sizes depending on how abundant food supply is. They have builds similar to werewolves, with bone like tails and deer skulls with sharp teeth and bronze antlers on top. The Mordu is the largest, has gold or diamond antlers on their heads. Fur is thick, and can only be slain by blessed silver weapons. They are crafty, and asexual 'reproducing' when one is bitten by a wendigo or is desperate enough to cannibalize their own kind. Any species can become a wendigo. It is said the moment you taste the flesh of your kind, you hear a Mordu's call.

They are ruthless, killing and eating everything, even themselves if luck runs thin.  Constantly ravenous they know no sleep or pain. Despite their lack of eyes and ears, they hunt by heat and smell. When they kill, they leave nothing remaining of their prey. If they move in, you better pray they don't find you. 



+ Bearion- massive demonic bears with fur so thick most attacks bounce off of it. The fur may be thinner around it's head however it's skull is thick and hard to pierce. Highly aggressive, the only way to kill them is to stab it's mouth, choke it to death or trick it into water to drown. 

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One last overflow just in case and


open for rp!



Edited: Astoria is now Ammar, seeing that the name is used in another rp, and I don't want confusion or conflict.



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It was barely dawn, the sky still is dark and the last of the evening stars where slowly fading away.  A rude awakening awaited Alivia.  A sudden harsh pound banged on her door.


"Alivia Beckett! You are under arrest! Turn over all magical items you possess and prepare to stand trial before Mayor Evens for theft of witches gems and murder of the previous owner of the jewelry shop now in your name! Come out peacefully in two minutes or we will enter by force and drag you out in chains!" Came a loud, strong voice piercing the quiet veil of night. 


A dozen of fully armed guards stood circling her house leaving no room for escape, swords and bows drawn, carrying torches looking like they where going to throw them on her rooftop to burn her out if necessary.




----.      -----.    



Once brought before Mayor Evens, the man himself looked fit and ruggedly handsome, with a cruel gleam and his black eyes. "You have been brought here, for my sources confirmed you are indeed a witch. A witches stone reacts around other witches stones..." He waved over to a thin, filthy woman holding a large chunk of green crystal and another woman, dressed in finery waved a bracelet from her store over it like she was waving a dirty tissue around, so when the jewels had the crystal the crystal flashed lime green then dulled back to its sickly pond scum color it originated as. 


"Because of your failure to report to my cousin Lord Gunther of your ability in a timely manner, you will have two choices; go to the encampment with other witches-" he paused for dramatic effect and the woman with the crystal started to tremble, staring at Alivia was wide golden eyes barely shaking her head that thankfully went unnoticed by Evans. "Or be burned for murder regardless if you are the cause or not." He sneered coldly.  He glares at the skinny lad that dashed into the room from a side door. "M-m-my lord..... A b-b-breaf word..?" He stuttered. A flick of fingers and the lad aproched the Mayor whispering something in his ear that made the color of the mayor's face drain and caused fear to flash upon his face for a moment before he composed himself again. "Ah, it seems like you have another option, but that would be too lenient on my part. Here are your new options; the encampment with the witches.... Or the Bride of the monstrous Maelstrom. A fate worse then death I'll say. Unfortunately I owe him my life, and he just sent me a notice that he intends to collect at the end of this week. Generous as I am I will allow you to pack a few items from your home to take with you, but you must leave by noon today. One small trunk should be enough.  So, what do you decide Witch." He snarled leaning forward in his chair. 

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Aliva was sound asleep after getting some pieces of jewelry put together and selling some, all non-witch stone gems, before doing some relaxing in the woods after and then heading in to get dinner made and then going to bed shortly after eating it. She was woken up just before dawn with loud banging on her front door and the someone who was doing that banging was also doing a whole lot of yelling. She groaned a bit before getting out of bed to answer the door where she saw all the guards with drawn weapons and lit torches.


"What proof do you have that I did and have done those things? Also are all of those guards really necessary?" she asked after opening the door and shortly afterward was cuffed and dragged to the mayor's office without her questions being answered. She sighed a bit in frustration as she sat down in the chair across from his desk.


She just glared at the man with her legs crossed, her handcuffed hands uncomfortably in her lap over one of her knees, and with her nightgown covering them.


♦~•~•~ * ~•~•~♦   


She paled just the slightest bit when she saw how her witch stones were found out to be that and with the crystal that was used and the women that were using them over her things. "Okay, I'm a witch. So what?" she snapped out in a bad mood as she was woken up really early that morning and also had a really bad headache.


"I wasn't told that I needed to do that nor was I aware," she said in reply to the first statement he said in regards to needing to report to his cousin about her abilities before hearing what else he said about her options of where she could go as punishment for not reporting it. She paled even more when she heard about the encampments where other witches like her have gone and saw one of the women trembling and barely shaking her head, telling her not to go there. She already knew that she didn't want to go there, but took that to heart anyway before hearing the other option she had which was worse than the first one. She then grew slightly curious when she saw the skinny boy that came in out of breath and heard him stutter about needing to briefly speak to him about something. After they were done with their hushed conversation, she had her attention be back on the mayor and heard the other option she was given instead of being burned at the stake. "I choose the last option. It's better than being burned. I'll also need an assistant to get the things I'll need. Although I could do it magically and be really quick, I don't want to give the people in the area I live in a reason to kill me themselves so I'd like one of these women to help me if you'd allow it. Also I was ungraciously woken up this morning so it'll be even better with two," she said in reply to his challenge as polite as she could muster. She wanted to be really snippy, but didn't and just stared right back at him with the glare back on her face.

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Evens scratched his chin in thought for a second. "My Fiancee will not help you, but the witch and a slave maid will. Go and pack your things. You will arrive at dusk at the Maelstrom Castle. Pray to whatever god you worship that he doesn't use you like beast bait like his ancestors before him did to disobedient brides." He laughed cruely.  Waving them away, he dismissed the meeting.



The witch to help her was dressed in a simple plain green dress, and the slave girl was in a muted dusty pink, the hem of which was so ripped up it came up to her knees.  A half dozen guards stood around a wagon to make sure she doesn't escape.  "You'll get a breakfast on the road. Hurry up! A letter was sent and the Lord Maelstrom doesn't like to be kept waiting." Said the guard who entered her home to supervise her packing tapping his steal foot on the wood.


"Don't mind him miss. I've heard stories of the Monstrous Lord, he'd lay in wait for days for his quarry to show. Tis he is is impatient. " The young witch said folding another tunic for her to pack. "But we must get going. " She said softly.  When Alivia was all packed and ready, she helped her in the wagon and her and the slave where escorted away when the wagon started to move. A guard got in and handed her a mug of warm coffee, a soft slice of bread with some marmalade on it and sat back intending to get some sleep on the way there. 

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She nodded in understanding before turning her attention from being on him to the two women he said could help her afterward. She then walked out with them to the wagon that would take them back to her cottage before it took them there.


She nodded again in reply but this time, to the guard that said what he did as he impatiently tapped his foot while waiting for them to be done. She started to pack up her tunics and pants after they were folded while listening to everything that the younger witch said. “Alright and thanks for the advice,” she said with a smile before going over to a collapsible shelf and pressing the buttons on either side of it for it to do that and then put it in her trunk afterward. It had all of her potions and her curse books which she wanted to have just in case. She then put some dresses in there as well, especially over the collapsed shelf before closing the trunk afterward. “I’m ready to go,” she told her temporary companions before heading out the door of her cottage and then waiting for them to come out after. Once they were out, she locked the door again behind them, and then went back over to where the wagon and soldiers were waiting.

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The journey was long and bumpy, but by noon they have reached the gorge that leads to a large white castle with high towers overlooking a small ridge lined with layers of houses down the side of the mountain. Once they where in sight of the castle the guards seemed to be on edge. 


Then, with a shake of the earth, a gollum blocked their pathway. Another slid down the mountain side to block off the exit. Both roared and grunted before trying... and thankfully failing to charge in the tight space. The guards scrambled out and was trying to hold them at bay but was too few in number to counteract their brutish strength. Just when the gollums where slowly closing in, something black landed on the front one's back and with a flash the creature crumbles to small bits of rubble. When the dust cleared a tall man stood up and pointed his blade at the other. He took three strides forward and threw the sword like a javelin into the fissure on the chest of the gollum behind them.  That too crumpled as the man calmly strode over to them. The black featureless fox head mask was a tell tale feature they where in the right area.  


The guards said no word of thanks or appreciation, in fact they looked like they'd rather be fighting the gollums at this point. They watched as Lord Maelstrom calmly walked over to the other pile of rubble and yanked his sword from the stone. He stood with his back to them for a moment of silence, then turned to face the men again. His voice was clear, smooth and calculating like he was carefully selecting each word as he spoke. 


"When I received the letter saying that I should expect you to arrive at dusk, I decided to use the spare time to clear the way for this party... Imagine my surprise when my prey suddenly got up and went to the edge of the cliffs to stop the very party I was expecting. " He then turned and tilted his head so the red glass eyes on the mask caught the light and made them 'glow'.  The men stepped back, weapons still drawn. "How is it, that you will make it here by dusk; dusk is still several hours away, yet you are only one hour away from my castle and it's wall? " 


"We left earlier than expected so-" the gruff lead guard started to say but was quickly silenced by a dagger hitting the wagon a little too close to the crown jewels. "I know Mayor Evens. He's a ill-tempered, egotistical, brute of a man but he is serious about being on time. As his men, you too would have this quality about you. However... you all are here very early. All five of you men... Escorting one woman who is in chains like a prisoner. " He finally stepped off of the bolder and slowly walked twords the wagon.  He sheathed his weapon as he went, stopping in front of the head guard holding out his gloved hand. "Key. Now. You escorted her to me, so your job is done. " The man opened his mouth to make a retort when another dagger was suddenly rested on his lips held once again in silence from Maelstrom. "Five strong men able to hold off gollums for a few minutes, out in the middle of a gorge with a woman who can not flee with plenty of time before the scheduled meeting to take place? Do you think me an idiot? She. Comes. With. Me. Key. Now! "


Once the bit of metal was in his open palm, he put away both daggers and unlocked the shackles on Alivia's wrists.  Taking her hand lightly in his he leaned into a low bow, his horns of the mask nearly brushing her hand showing a the back of his head wasn't covered, but it was held on with a thick leather strap nearly hidden in his black hair. "I am Lord Quadir Phobias de Maelstrom. I deeply apologize for you to be sent here, but here you are not a prisoner and would be treated as the Lady of this land. Please let me get your things and I'll escort you personally to your new home, you may ride my horse. Her name is Lilith she's just over this pile of rubble. " He said straightening after saying his name and letting go of her hand to wave his twords the front pile of dead gollum. "Captain, you and your men better be out of here by dusk. Snow beasts come down from the peaks to gather herbs. I would hate to have to send a letter to mayor Evans stating that his best men where sadly killed due to the unfortunate timing and their refusal to stay to enjoy the banquet I hold to welcome my bride." He stated flatly. 

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Alivia looked out the windows of the wagon as they made their way to the Maelstrom castle, not minding the bumps in the road that they encountered as her focus was mainly on the scenery going by. When it was noon, her eyes widened a bit and she leaned a bit closer to one of the windows to try to get a closer look at the castle in the distance that they were a bit closer to and the town that seemed to lead up to it when they neared a gorge that the castle was beyond. She thought it was very fascinating as she'd never seen anything like it before. When they got even closer to it, she didn't notice that her guard escort were looking a bit on edge as she was very focused on their destination.


The only thing that managed to switch her attention/focus from being on the castle and castle town was the earth shaking which caused her to look ahead to see what the cause might be, seeing a Gollum blocking their path. She looked shocked at seeing it and had no idea those things existed, thinking maybe they only stayed in this area and didn't venture further into smaller towns like the one she had lived on the edge of. She still had the shocked expression be on her face when she saw the other Gollum slide down from the side of the mountain to block their only exit and wondered what they were going to do now as she noticed them move slightly closer when a black something, she couldn't tell what it was from inside the wagon, landed on the back of one of the Gollums. She cautiously got out of the wagon to see if she could get a better look at what it was just as the first one crumbled after a flash happened. After the mysterious black something took care of the first one, she could now see that it was a tall man just before he took care of the second one while throwing his sword much like a javelin.


She wondered briefly if this man was Lord Maelstrom with how the guards were reacting at seeing the tall man clothed in all black and mask that had features of both a fox and goat. She thought their reactions at seeing him were very interesting, feeling secretly gleeful at seeing them squirm because of the way they had treated her the whole trip there. She briefly thought of thanking him for clearing the way for them when the man mentioned it, but thought it would be better if she did that later when it was more appropriate before focusing on the rest of the conversation that was going on. She rolled her eyes when hearing that the lead guard said that they left earlier than expected before seeing a dagger thrown a bit too close to his nether region. She smiled a bit to herself at that before nodding a bit to herself in agreement at the part that was said regarding her not being able to flee, wondering why the captain was asking the questions and saying the statements that she thought were a poor excuse to what the man was asking.


She was thankful when the handcuffs were finally removed from around her wrists soon after the key was finally handed to the man, rubbing them shortly after due to them being a bit sore as the cuffs had been put on them a bit tightly.  She was surprised when he bowed over one of her hands before that faded slightly to be replaced by a bit of curiosity when she saw the strap holding his mask in place. Her earlier guess of him being Lord Maelstrom ended up being correct when he introduced himself as that before hearing everything else he said. She was surprised yet again when she heard his apology for her being sent there, and that she wouldn't be a prisoner there either and instead would be treated as the lady of that land. She wasn't expecting either of those things, but was still thankful nonetheless. "It's a pleasure meeting you Lord Quadir Phobias de Maelstrom. I'm Alivia Hazel Beckett in case you didn't already know my name and if you did, never mind. Um, as for my things I only have one small trunk as I was allowed to only pack that by Mayor Evens. Oh thank you and she's gorgeous," she said in reply before heading over to his horse after he gestured towards her. She got in Lilith's saddle before hearing the rest of what he said to the guards, smiling slightly to herself yet again when she heard the small implied threat in his words.

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Lord Maelstrom took the rains off the beautiful black gypsy vanner mare after retrieving her only luggage from the wagon and after she was situated on the horse. He then easily climbed up the rubble and then into a cave nearby. It got dark fast, with only the glowing jewel on the pummel of his sword the only light, that was until he whispered a word then the ceiling glowed pale yellow with witches gems placed in intervals along the tunnel. "This is the fastest way back to my castle and the more direct route. " He heaves a sigh. "although some are in need of another charge. " He said as they walked under a flickering one.  "I already have a room ready for you, and if you need anything other then what's in your trunk I'll be glad to provide for it. My castle and it's inhabitants are self sufficient, so we have tailors, carpenters, blacksmiths, merchants,  and farmers. Every single one of them are trained to fight. I will train you personally, so if monsters ever break inside when the barrier is weakest, then you can defend yourself. We have everything but witches... I do not like keeping people captive unless they have done wrong. Unfortunately I'll have to wait till the next shipment of stones to redo these ones." He said as they passed under several glowing so softly, it could have been a single match near the tunnel roof.


After a few minutes of more travel, they arrived in the courtyard of the big castle, the grounds swept and flowers trimmed neatly. A statue rested facing the main gate with a small alter of white marble that was set with fruit, greens, a couple vases of gorgeous blue-violet flowers and a small golden bowl  near the brownish colored feet. "Welcome to your new home Miss. Beckett.  Now, you don't have to be with me if you don't want to, however this is a blood pact and a small ceremony will be performed as a marriage. You don't have to act, or learn about being a lady if you don't wish to. All I ask is that you accompany me to formal events as the new face of Maelstrom." He said softly leading her to the front door and held out his arms after setting the trunk down to assist her off if she needed it.


"Know that here you are free to choose what you want and where you will like to go... Although I do have to ask you to knock before entering the library, my room and my office. The library is connected to my office and I spend a lot of time in those two rooms. Even the staff is required to do this. My bedroom is self explanatory. If you do wish to be Lady Maelstrom, I will gather the best teachers, and provide you with your own office and secondary space to relax. Again the choice is yours, but you do not have to decide now. " He nodded to the stable keeper who dashed out and lead the horse away after she had dismounted the mare. 

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Alivia held onto the saddle horn as Lord Maelstrom led the mare up the rubble and then through a nearby cave shortly afterward. As they were walking through the cave, she looked around with a curious expression on her face after it was lit up more with a word from the former which caused the witches stones in the tunnel to light up. "It's beautiful and I can help with getting them replaced," she said in reply to what he said and also as she noticed the flickering stone above them. "I'd like that. I'll let you know if I need anything more later after I unpack my one small trunk. Sounds like it's a very well protected town. I could always use more practice so, thank you. I can certainly help with keeping the barrier strong if you'd like. So you don't think I killed the store owner or stole the bracelet I had? I'm not sure how those rumors started in the first place, but the store owner is a friend of mine and I didn't kill her; she just moved to another town and sold her jewelry business to me before she did so. As for the bracelet, I made it myself. Speaking of, I think I'll need to make a new one as Mayor Evans didn't give it back to me before I left his office after he dismissed the meeting. I can make the witches stones you need in this cave so you won't have to order them. That's one of my abilities being a witch," she said asked in reply to everything else he said as well as some other statements she wanted to add.


Her eyes then widened a bit in surprise after they left the tunnel and cave to arrive into the castle courtyard that was kept very neat with the grounds swept and the flowers trimmed. She then noticed the statue and marble altar afterward before hearing what all he said while being led to the front door of the castle. "Thank you Lord Maelstrom. Oh. The way the mayor said it, I didn't have a choice in being here or being your bride. I'm relieved to know that I'm not forced to doing anything I don't want to. Um he also mentioned something about your ancestors giving their disobedient wives to the snow beasts, but I'm not sure if that was meant to scare me more than being true or a falsehood. I can do that." Then once they got to the door and he raised his hands to help her down from the mare's back, she accepted his help in dismounting before listening to the rest of what he said afterward. "Oh, thank you. That's a relief to know as well. I can do that. I'd very much like to see your library, but I can see it at a later time. I love to read and learn more things in the process. Of course. Alright that's good to know."


She then looked a bit nervous before asking, "How are witches treated here by the townsfolk? I only ask because the people back in the town I lived near and worked in, were very paranoid and were against me being there."

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Lord Maelstrom was quiet when she spoke, and seemed shocked at her revelation that, not only was she a witch, but brought here unwillingly. A soft chuckle sounded at her question about the rumor, and how the towns folk would treat her. Holding a arm out to lead her inside, he picked up the trunk in his other hand. "I shall explain on the tour. Shall we? Please pardon the minor chaos, as I stated before, we expected you at dusk. The staff got excited and went about in a frenzy to polish everything to perfection. " He paused and took his cloak off, wrapped it around her and pulled up a fur hood. "Pardon me, I'd rather keep you a surprise since they worked so hard on preparations." He said softly, a smile could be heard in his warm tone.


Once again, he offered her arm and lead her inside. The place was sparse, but elegant in a simple way.  There were bronze chandeliers adorned with witches gems that glowed along with the candles. A almost threadbare carpet ran up the grand staircase off to the side, simple wooden banisters lined the staircase, where three maids where busy polishing till they gleamed.  From now on he spoke in a lower volume so the help doesn't catch on.


"First, that rumor was indeed spread by my forefathers, it was to keep the women who only seek the glory and fortune from throwing themselves at us, mostly because the men are..... Well they don't just call us the Monstrous Lords for our physical power and ability.  " He said, indicating the mask he wore. "I should have known that he would send a unwilling participant. It's in his sadistic nature, however given the fact that you are a witch, an older one at that, and what you informed me about your unfair and falsified trial, I will forgo my original plan of following through with the ceremony, then quickly divorce you and send you back to your home. You will be safer here. " He said as he lead her down the hall of the main floor stopping at any door they came across to open it showing a privy, a grand ballroom, banquet hall, a smaller more intimate dinning hall, a weaponry, several store rooms that where mostly empty, the kitchen and servants dinning room and then they went out the back door into a lovely garden of herbs, flowers, veggies and fruit, and a small orchard. He continues to walk her around the garden.


"To alleviate your worries about how witches are treated here, I will tell you this. The Heart of Ammar's power doesn't reach this area, so we see very few witches. Ones that are discovered in towns that are still technically under my rule are sent immediately to other Lords in the area. I know of these camps which entails slave labor, prostitution and slum like conditions that I unfortunately have little power over and am too busy trying to keep the creatures like you saw today from leaving the mountains to launch a campaign to free the ladies. Even if it means I need to go against the crown I would have. The people here share my take on the subject. To put it simply, they will be ecstatic to find out the new face of Maelstrom is a witch and can help us with her abilities so we can be truly independent, and don't have to pay huge sums to Lords who keep young girls and women slaves. As for your bracelet... A good price and a small white lie could trick the Mayor into giving it up. " He walked over to a small falconry and selected a bird himself. Pulling parchment from a compartment along with ink and a quill he wrote a letter, waived it dry, folded it and from a candle, sealed it with wax. He placed it in the tube on the birds back, removed his pouch and showed her the two gollum heart stones. "As proof and payment. These can grant the wearer durability like a gollum. " He slip them back into the pouch and give it to the bird who took it in a claw before flying away. 

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((sorry that this is late. I was working a bit more on my response so I could make sure I replied to everything and also made it detailed))


Alivia was a bit shocked as well when it seemed that he looked that way when hearing that she was a witch, thinking that Mayor Evens would put that in the letter he had sent to the former but it appeared that wasn't the case. Her shock then faded to be one of surprise instead when hearing the soft chuckle he emitted at her question regarding the rumor she had mentioned and also about how the people here would treat her, but didn't seem bothered by him not answering either and took his arm before nodding in both reply and understanding to the explanation he said after. "I don't mind a minor chaos and I remember. Oh? I can't wait to meet them." After she said what she did verbally in reply to what all he had said, the surprise that she had felt earlier came back when feeling the cloak go over her shoulders as well as the hood over her head to cover it. "I understand," she said in reply to his small explanation for why he had done that.


She took his arm again when he offered it again after the cloak had been put in place before walking with him inside the castle. She looked around the sparse yet elegant place with wonder and awe in her eyes as she hadn't seen a castle before. She took it all in, including the bronze-colored chandeliers with both candles and witches stones as well as the threadbare carpet that ran up the staircase and the simple wooden bannisters that were currently being polished by a small group of three maids.


"Ah and I understand," she said in reply to his first statement regarding the rumor she had brought up that the mayor had told her and she saw the mask he was wearing before hearing the rest of what he said afterward. "Another ability I have is breaking curses so, I can try to help you with that if you'd like. It'll just take me a bit of time to research it and get the ingredients I'll need to do that. I wasn't exactly unwilling when I chose to come here because it was the option I chose. This option was better than the other two that I was given which were the encampment or being burned at the stake. It gave me a chance to get out of that town that hated my guts although I didn't do anything to the people to make them feel that way. Yes, he is that and I thank you for that. That's what I thought as well," she said in reply before walking with him down the hall to the different doors that behind them had a vast majority of more rooms once opened and then to a back door that led them out to a garden that was filled with herbs, flowers, veggies, and fruit along with a small orchard. She took it all in while continuing to walk with him as he led her around it. 


"Oh, that's a relief to know and I'd be happy to help you guys out. Thank you for helping me get it back although I wouldn't have minded making a new one because they don't take too long to make," she said in reply to his explanation of how they'd treat her and his offer in helping get her bracelet back as they walked to the small falconry they had there and then watching him write a letter after selecting a bird to send the letter. She watched with curiosity as he sealed the letter with wax before putting it in the tube on the bird's back and then kept that expression on her face as she saw the pouch he removed, showing her what was inside it soon after. "Oh okay and that's an interesting ability," she said in reply to his explanation of what was in the pouch and what they were for before watching the bird fly away with those things.

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((I had edited my post before, realized it sounded like one door, so I corrected it. Different doors along the hallway))



He seemed to ignore the comment about breaking curses when she mentioned it. After watching the bird fly off he looked down at her. "What he doesn't know is that they have lost a majority of that ability to my sword, so the best they can do now is make armor slightly stronger against people rather than beasts. " He said then continued on the walk showing her the archery range, knights quarters, stables and the training area before heading up a staircase to a balcony and entering another door to the upstairs hallway. 


"My curse makes me who I am. I don't know much about it but, ..." He stopped in-between a door and a portrait of his parents, his mom had beautiful blue eyes as clear as a still lake in the spring and lovely golden locks. She looked quite happy sitting on the chair in a elegant purple gown, his father behind her in a similar outfit and mask on, with long black hair braided down his shoulder and purple glass for the eyes, a white gloved hand testing on his wife's shoulder. His mom was very obviously pregnant when this portrait was made.  "The curse doesn't define happiness. This is my bedroom. Yours would be at the other end of the hall. There's many more rooms further up, but they are the servants quarters since it's warmer than the lower floors when winter comes and the mountain is covered in snow. " He looked up at the portrait. "And meet my parents, Lady Victoria Maelstrom and Lord Eris Maelstrom. I'm sure they would have loved to meet you too. Sadly, my father went into the land beyond the mountains and was killed just before I turned eighteen, and mother had passed away three weeks ago. After I was officially named Lord at twenty one I rescued Mayor Evens, demanding a life for a life. She wanted to see the woman he would send.... He waited two years before finally sending me someone. Mother said her spirit would not rest with Father's until she saw me wed, so I threatened him. She was very quiet after father died, and refused to eat and always got very sick. She was absolutely heartbroken. She obviously loved my father very, very much regardless of our family curse.  After the celebration tonight, would you mind if we visited the catacombs so she can meet you and finally be at peace?" He asked softly still looking at the portrait. 

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((oh, sorry, I didn't notice that when I posted it. edited it to say 'doors' instead of 'door'))


“Oh and he’ll just have to learn that the hard way, I guess. He seemed to be a greedy type to me when I saw him.” She said this last statement in reply to what he said about the Gollum hearts before walking around with him once more as he showed her the archery range, knight’s quarters, stables, and training area. She looked at it all with wide eyes as she hadn’t seen anything like those things before and it all fascinated her. She then walked with him again up a nearby staircase to a balcony before entering another door that led to an upstairs hallway.


"Oh, okay and that's fine. I apologize for bringing it up since it was probably out of line for me to do so," she said in reply before stopping as well when they were in-between a door and a portrait of two elegant-dressed people she thought were his parents. While studying it, she ended up being right when she noticed that the male figure had a mask on similar to the one Lord Maelstrom wore but the glass eyes were a different color. She thought his mom looked very beautiful with the purple dress on and also liked how her eyes looked like a clear spring lake. "I'll keep both of that in mind and okay. All the way at the end of the hall or just before the end of it? Ah okay and that's good to know that it won't be freezing up here," she said and asked in reply to everything else he said after the first statement he said along with the trailed off one and then listened to the last couple of statements he said along with a question. "Your mom's very pretty and I bet I would have loved to meet them. I'm sorry to hear that they're no longer here. Both of mine died when I was young. Sounds like he procrastinated in getting a bride to you. I would have liked meeting her and I'm sorry that I didn't get to. I wonder if he almost did that on purpose which is rude of him to do if that was the case. I'm also sorry to hear that about your mom and that's good that she cared that deeply for him. Of course. I'd like that very much," she said in reply while also still looking at the portrait as well. "I'm very glad to be here."

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"No, it's alright, you'll find out eventually.  Yes you'll be at the room at the end, just like how mine is by the balcony, yours is on the balcony on the other side of the castle. " He said softly as something shiny fell from behind the mask and a sniff sounded before he turned to head to the next door opening it up. This was his study set up with plenty of light and a mannequin for his armor. Then he pointed to the dubble doors next to his study."That is the library. It's small but it has lots of books. I've read every one of them in there and the ones I'm currently reading are near a chair by the fireplace so I'd appreciate if you don't take those ones. Feel free to grab ones that catch your eye though. " He said softly. "If we walk by the maids we'll get their attention, I don't want that right now so I'll show you a secret passage to the other side of this hallway. " He said.


Heading back to the large portrait, he pulled it open like a door showing a narrow passage between the walls of the castle. "This was for excepting purposes if the castle was ever overrun. As the new Lady Maelstrom, you will need to know this. Feel free to use this if you have any nightmares. They are common around here. I have yet to discover what beast causes them. Just use it to come to me and I'll listen to your dream. " He said as he entered the passage, stooped over in the tight space. Holding her truck in front of him, and her hand behind him, he went straight, made a ninety degree turn, straight for a minute or two, another abrupt turn and straight again.


They exited out of another painting, this time of a massive family tree of the Maelstrom family, all of them men names. He then opened a door beside it and set her trunk inside.  The room was warm with a soft carpet, a massive bed with snow beast fur covering it and several feather pillows all in a lovely white wood four post frame carved with vines painted in gold to stand out. A couple plush chairs and a lounger sat around a fireplace, a silver chandelier hung  in the middle of the molded pale peach colored ceiling with candles and witches stones, mostly ones that were white and a soft yellow, with rubies and sapphires thrown in. Plush carpet a chardonnay color covered the floor. The furniture was carved to match the bed and included; a vanity complete with makeup and a few pieces of jewelry,  two bedside tables one having a purple glass vase with fresh flowers in it, a wardrobe that was open showing a few different colored cloaks ready for her, and a dresser that had a good sized jewelry stand that looked like a mini chifferobe also showing a couple more sets of jewelry with matching hair pieces and brooches in the open drawers.  Curtains matched the carpet, and a small coffee table with a beautiful peacock mosaic sat in the middle of the chairs and lounger. A warn book lay neatly on this table along with a letter sealed and  addressed to 'whomever occupies this room'. 


Lord Maelstrom stood awkwardly as she looked around. "You can change it if you want... Mother and I picked these out. The ones in the jewelry box are her gifts to you with some peices of hers she wanted her daughter in law to have. The ones on the vanity are from me. Uh... Your bathroom is there." He pointed to a door that was near the space that was the balcony.  " Your study would be threw there..." He then points to another door with a quill and ink engraved on it nearest to the fireplace. "Mother left it empty save for a desk, paper and quills. The rest of what goes inside is up to you.  I shall leave you alone to get situated. I'll bring you a small lunch to eat in here then collect you at dusk for the celebration tonight. Good day Miss Beckett. " He said bowing low once again before leaving her, taking the passageway back to his room. 

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"Okay," she said in reply to his first few statements before seeing a tear fall out from behind his mask and heard the sniff that sounded soon after but didn't pay either any mind as she focused on the other door he opened. She saw that it was a study that had a mannequin set up with armor on it that she guessed that both were his and was lit up really well so that she could see everything very clearly. Then she noticed him point to a set of double doors that was next to the door that led to his study, and heard everything that he said about it afterward. "Alright and I'd be very interested in checking it out soon. Okay, and I'll make sure to do that." She then heard the last statement he said afterward and said in reply, "Okay and sounds good. I love secret passages."


She headed back to the large portrait with him, eyes gleaming with excitement as it opened up like a big door into the secret passage he had mentioned earlier and then had her attention, and focus go to be on what he said as an explanation about it afterward as well what she could use it for and why. "Okay that's good to know and I'll be sure to do that if I have any. I hope not to do that too often and bother you from your responsibilities," she said in reply before walking with him into the passage as he held her hand in his free one. She did the same turns as him and made sure to make a mental map of the turns they did and when they went straight so that she could follow the same path later on if she had any nightmares. 


She walked with him out of another painting that was of a massive family tree and then went into the room that had the door beside it when he opened it while setting her trunk down, eyes widening in amazement with how big it was. She then took in everything that was in the room from the soft-looking carpet, the massive bed covered with snow beast fur and several feather pillows that were encompassed in a lovely white wood four post frame that had attention-getting gold painted vines carved into it, to the plush chairs and lounger that sat around the fireplace, the silver chandelier that hung in the middle of the pale peach colored ceiling that was adorned with candles and witches stones that were white with soft yellow light and rubies and sapphires, the chardonnay colored plush carpet that covered the floor, and all the furniture that was carved to match the bedframe. She saw the pieces of jewelry that were on the vanity along with the makeup that was also there and then looked over at everything else that was there afterward, including the wardrobe that had some cloaks that had been made for her. What really caught her attention after that were the chifforobe that had other sets of jewelry, the curtains that matched the carpet and lastly, the small coffee table that had a beautiful peacock mosaic tile that sat in the middle of the plush chairs and lounger near the fireplace with the worn book sitting on top of it as well as the letter sitting on top of that. She wondered what was in it, but made a note to open the envelope to see what it said before she went to bed later that evening.


"I don't think I will since it's fine as it is. Oh, and I'll have to check them out; I bet they're very pretty. Thank you. Okay," she said in reply to his first few statements before following his pointing finger towards the bathroom and then to her study when he pointed to the door for it that had a quill and ink holder with pictures engraved on it while listening to the rest of what he said after and having her attention be back on him as she did so. "Okay and thank you. Good day Lord Maelstrom," she said to his last few statements or so before he left to head back to his own room. Shortly after he left, she brought her trunk over to the chest at the foot of her bed, and started taking out her clothes that she had packed to wear while there. She hung them up in the wardrobe and then took out her collapsible shelf, bringing it over to her study and then putting it back upright afterward. She checked everything that was there, taking inventory of what else she would need ingredients-wise and books before looking around the study to see what else she'd like to add, if anything. Also during this time, she changed out of her nightgown and into a tunic and a pair of pants that she had packed. She also made a mental note with getting more tunics and pants later or telling Lord Maelstrom so that he could get them for her, but she’d tell him later when they were going to be eating lunch.

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Heading back to his room, he ordered a small lunch then brought it to her through the passage and left it outside her door knocking on the frame before leaving again. He then went to the library, picked a book from the pile by his chair and went outside to see if the falcon returned. It hadn't yet so he sat outside in the shade of a apple tree reading until it did near the time the sun started to set. 


Inside the study was a desk facing the window, the walls where plain and the hardwood floor was bare.  A beautiful quill seemed to be stuck. When she tried to move it, something in the desk clicked and one of the decorative bottom drawers slid open and inside was a yellowed paper with a drawing of a gorgeous man reading a book by a window, one leg resting on the bench, the other dangling from the window seat. On it was written Eris Maelstrom in a corner. More paper was under it, drawings of a Eris, and a baby, hand written notes and a large tome under it all. 


((Sorry! Was trying to get new laptop set up))





It was nearing dusk when he came to collect her. He knocked on the door and held out his hand when she opened it he was dressed in his best clothing. "Time to meet the staff and hold the ceremony. Please let me lead you to the great dinning hall." He said then lead her to the staircase. The main floor had staff lined up looking expectantly at the door. Among them was a blind man leaning on a older woman who was dressed like the butler, a plump kind looking woman who looked like a living cinnamon bun with a small line of cooks behind her, the stable hand they met before now dressed up in his Captain garb and knights behind him, and a young man with a mix of maids and footmen behind him. 


Lord Maelstrom stomped his foot on the floor and they all turned to the steps. "The Lady of the house arrived early then expected. However I didn't wish to undo all your hard work and preparation for today so I escorted her on a tour. Now I gladly introduce you to Alivia Hazel Beckett, the new Lady of Maelstrom. After the ceremony fulfilling the blood oath, she will be known henceforth as Lady Alivia Hazel Maelstrom.  Lady Alivia, the main five big names to know are Tarry the crypt keeper, Flo the Butler, Rose the head chef, Marry the stable keeper and captain of the guard, then lastly Cecil the Chief of staff." Each one nodded, bowed, or curtsied in turn to being introduced. 


Cecil stepped forward and bowed again. "My Lady, I have taken the liberty to schedule a rotation of maids. Each one will serve you for one week and at the end just let me know which one you got along with the most and she'll be appointed to be your personal maid." He said smoothly as Quadir lead her down the steps and stopped at the bottom. He covered the mask's eyes when it sounded like a beast had gotten inside, and stuck in a wall. "I um.... May have been a bit too nervous to eat a lunch.... Or breakfast.... S-shall we go enjoy the meal now?" Embarrassment was written all over his body language as he suddenly found the tile floor very interesting after letting go of Alivia's in favor of attempting to stifle his wambling stomach. 

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((it’s okay :). I was at a Christmas program last night and I got home close to midnight when I replied to your pm that you sent in reply to the one that I sent that was during a break in the program))

She heard the knock on the doorframe shortly after she changed into a tunic and pair of pants, going over to the door and finding the lunch there shortly afterward. She took the plate that was sitting there on the floor, bringing it in, and then eating the food that was on it in the study shortly afterward at the desk there that was facing the window that let in a lot of natural light during this time of day of early afternoonish that also lit up the plain walls that were also there.


As she ate the delicious food on the desk’s surface, she saw the quill that seemed to be stuck so she moved it around, trying to get it unstuck which also caused a clicking sound to emerge from what seemed to be a decorative drawer near the bottom of the desk. She saw that the drawer was now opened, seeing the items in there that were drawings and notes along with a tome that was under those things. As she continued to eat, she looked at those things and went through the pages of the tome and marked the pages that she could look at a bit more later before she went to bed for more research on his family curse.

She put the drawings, notes, and the tome back in the decorative bottom drawer of the desk before moving the decorative quill around again to close it again. Once it was closed, she finished the last bite of her lunch, brought the now empty plate back into her room after closing the door to the study, and then placing the plate on the table that was in front of the fireplace. She made sure the rest of the things she had packed in her trunk were unpacked from there and by the time she finished making sure she had everything, she noticed that it was nearing dusk. She quickly put on one of the gowns she had packed that looked nice and tried to style her hair in a way that it would also look the same way just as there was a knock on the door.


She opened it to see Lord Maelstrom in his best clothing as well before taking his offered hand while also hearing everything he said. “Okay and thank you,” she said in reply before walking with him to the staircase. She looked a bit nervous when she saw the staff all lined up at the bottom of the stairs and looking at the door, but tried to keep it from showing too much on her face to show what she was really feeling.


She jumped a bit when she heard Lord Maelstrom’s foot stomp on the floor, not expecting the sound but she was also still feeling nervous so it was also her nerves that made her a bit jumpy as well. When he introduced them to her, she smiled at them all as she looked at every single one of them while hiding the fact that she was nervous so they wouldn’t see what she was really feeling. It was hard to do since there were so many, but she tried to look at them all. She held up her hand as a greeting before she had her attention and focus go back to being on Lord Maelstrom when she heard him say that she just needed to remember five people’s names and which ones they were. “Okay. I’ll make sure to remember all of your names,” she said in reply to his statement and then a statement to the five people he introduced her to with the smile still on her face.


“Oh thank you and I’ll be sure to let you know which one works out best,” she said in reply to what Cecil said with a small curtsy although it was a bit wobbly but she tried so as to show respect to him. Then she had her attention go back to being on Lord Maelstrom when she heard what he said in a nervous-sounding way. She seemed a bit surprised with that, but also felt better with feeling a bit nervous herself. “That’s okay. I was busy getting situated in the room. That sounds good. I’m feeling a bit hungry again so perfect,” she said in reply before also looking a bit nervous and playing with a strand of her hair. “Well, um shall we head to the banquet hall for that?”

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"Yes! Right! This way Miss. " He said leading the way to the main banquet hall after dismissing the staff.  He pulled out a chair for her and took a seat at the head of the table. 


The table was only set for two, small quail where roasted with cranberry and breadcrumb stuffing looked like the main course. Side dishes where garlic mashed potatoes or cut fruit and veggies,  and for dessert it looked like cherry jello cubes and chocolate pudding.  A ham chowder was set in front of them as an appetizer as Maelstrom fiddled with his mask.


A small click sounded from it and a small part of the bottom lifted up and slid into the mask so he can eat and drink without any hinderince. "How have you settled in? Is there anything you need so I can call for the people within the week?" He asked, his voice now less muffled seemed almost poetically rich as he started to eat carefully making sure his chin didn't show. 


"I'm sorry again for this small ceremony and you having to choose between slavery or death or here. I'm... Not exactly the nicest looking husband but... I'll take care of you like one would a queen. " He said softly as the bowls where cleared away replaced by quail. His side he chose the fruit.


Munching on a cucumber slice he seemed to remember something. Wiping his hands clean, he reached into a pocket and pulled out her bracelet. "I told him that this was your great grandmother's who was a witch and cast a protective spell on it...and it will only work for the family. However, now that I have it, it's made by you isn't it? But..... These are real gemstones not crystal. " He said in wonder as he fastened the bracelet on her wrist once more. "The men in my family have a ability for knowing the names and uses of artifacts. It has something to do with our eyes or something. Witches stones are considered a minor artifact, but still an artifact nonetheless. You said you owned a jewelry shop..." Something seemed to connect in his brain.


Sitting back he pushed what was left of the quail around his plate. "Then you probably have plenty of jewelry that you made yourself.  My mother was fond of shiny things, I just assumed that all women were like that after asking the towns folk and they said something similar. But.. if you don't want to be a Lady of the castle, you can still live here and own a similar shop in town. Our jeweler is about to get married and move away. Oh! They can run your shop for you when you are gone so it'll be looked after, and you can ask them to pack anything you couldn't from your home and send it here!" He said joyfully sitting up again in delight that he came up with a scenario she might like. 

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She nodded and followed after him to the main banquet hall. She nodded in thanks to him pulling out a chair for her where she sat down soon after.


She saw the food that was set out on the table and for just the two of them. Her eyes widened a bit in surprise at it all before she started to eat the appetizer of ham chowder. As she enjoyed it, she heard a small click sound coming from his mask and looked up briefly to see the bottom of his mask now gone where his mouth was exposed so that he could eat and drink which made sense. She then looked back down at her ham chowder, going back to eating it until she heard the questions he asked.


“Very well thank you and yes, there are a few things I need. Just need a few more tunics and pants as well as possibly a few more gowns,” she said in reply to his questions before finishing eating her soup just as the bowls were cleared from the table to be replaced by the main course of quail. She heard everything he said in his rich voice that was no longer muffled by his mask.

“That’s okay. You didn’t give me the options and I’m loving being here. Everyone’s so nice which is a nice difference than how I was being treated back in the village. I chose this one over the other two options. It’s fine as I don’t care about how someone looks and oh um thank you,” she said in reply to everything he said and the last statement she said was said in embarrassment before she started to eat the roasted quail that had been put in front of her earlier along with the side of fresh cut fruit that she chose to have with it.


As she ate both the bird and the fruit, she listened to everything he said and asked. “Oh, thank you and yes I did make it. That’s an ability I have as a witch that I can make any gemstone a witch’s stone. I can do that in the cave tunnel as well if you’d like me to to get the ones that no longer work replaced,” she said just as he put it back on her wrist and then nodded in thanks for him doing that. “Oh that’s a very interesting ability and I bet it comes in very helpful at times. Yes I did say that,” she said in reply to everything he said after he gave her bracelet back to her and then listened to the rest of what he said afterward.


“This bracelet is the only thing I have that I made myself. Any other pieces of jewelry I might’ve made, were for customers of my shop. I’d like that a lot and maybe I can do that until I decide to be the Lady of the castle, if that’s okay. That’s a great idea and I can give you the key to my cottage so that they can get it and do that for me,” she said in reply with her own smile as his was contagious before continuing to eat both her quail and fresh fruit until it was all gone and her plate was empty.

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"Of course, of course. I'll find you a suitable shop within walking distance of this place. I'll contact the family and send them the key so they can do just that. " He said softly. He finished his meal in silence and forwent dessert in favor of excusing himself as he headed off to fallow through the plans. 


Once they where carried out he rejoined her with a two documents, a quill, and a small knife. "Here's the blood oath. Write your whole name on this line, then we add out finger print and it's then taken to the temple to be burned as fulfilment of the oath. " He said signing his name and pulling off his glove, showed a lovely pale hand like a hand model's and nicked his finger before pressing it onto the parchment. "The other is a marriage agreement. This you can hold off on. " 

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“Okay and thank you again for offering those ideas,” she said in reply before starting to eat both the jello cubes and chocolate pudding for dessert that had been set out for her. She finished eating both a little while later, staying there at the table afterward because she wasn’t sure if she could go back to her room yet or not.


She ended being right when he came back around that same time with a couple of documents, a pen, and a knife. She nodded in understanding when she heard what the first one was and what she needed to do, following suit with signing her full name on the line and then also pricking her finger afterward to put her bloody fingerprint next to her name like he had done. “Okay. Now do we go to the ceremony you mentioned or is that later in the evening instead?”

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"The ceremony..? Oh right. " He said and straitened and fixed his mask so the flap was back down again. "Yes, a small engagement ceremony and a visit to mother's grave. In all honesty, the real ceremony was introducing you to the staff and the dinner. I understand if you want more fanfare however, due to the circumstances in which you came here, there won't be a real ceremony unless you decide to officially marry and become the Lady of the castle. " He explained handing the marked document to his Butler and kept the marriage certificate close to him. 


"Although I'd still like to visit mother with you.  Here, this way." He said softly and lead her to the courtyard once again and up to the stone alter of the deity. With the candles lit around it, the body of the artifact was a beautiful man, but the head was like a goat's with a pointed fox mouth, maw open showing tinny sharp teeth and sad looking eyes.  Maelstrom bowed to the deity, placed fresh fruit on the alter and the  moved to the side, shoving it over revealing another secret passage with the staircase leading down into the depths. Taking a Witches Stone out of his pocket he said the word to make it light then let her down the steps carefully. 


The crypt wasn't exactly a gloomy place but a warm one although cold but welcoming. Sometimes statues were along portraits of some alcoves each time the statue got more and more grotesque as they moved along the family members. Each member had a plaque containing their birth and death dates along with the portrait of the woman that they married. When they reached nearly the end of the catacombs he stopped at two of them, one bearing his father's name with no statue and the other hanging a portrait of his mother and her name.  


He stood in silence for a long moment, inhaling like he was going to speak but didn't have the courage to do so. Finally he spoke. "Mother.... This is Alivia Beckett. Mayor Evens took his time to bring me someone, and after looking at the document I gave him one year that he extended into two. Perhaps I was too lenient with him. Alivia... Is a witch, and was given a choice. I'm sure you know the other two she had, however she did come here on her own. I know you would have scolded me for bringing her down here after the engagement ceremony but... I wanted to tell you that you can rest easy now. I am no longer alone now... In a way. " 


A sniffle and he shifted from foot to foot. "Her eyes are the color of your favorite gemstone and her hair is as red as a quadverns'  scales. " He then stepped back holding his mask like he was trying not to cry in it. A lit sconce beside the portrait went out and a sudden icy chill hit the air.  A little brush of the chilled air caressed Alivia's cheek before seemingly moving over to Quadir as if to comfort him.  He froze for a moment then spoke slowly. 


"She... wants to hear what your voice sounds like, and what you want to say to her alone." He tilted his head as if straining to hear a whisper. "Mother said don't be too shocked. If a place has magic, monsters and curses ghosts can exist too. " He stopped and walked further down. "I'll be down here, this leads back to the castle under the grand staircase. You have to really focus to hear her and she fades in and out but it's possible. " He then went about six alcoves down and stepped into it, sitting on a bench that was in that particular one. 

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