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Please fix add-to-group dropdown text overlay (on increased font-size)

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I know I've mentioned this before but I'm not sure where. I've been fiddling with my browser's font settings (due to the new forum font straining my eyes) and once again I'm finding the issue that when the font size on DC is increased just a tiny bit (I increased the 'minimum font size' from 12 to 13) the add-to-group dropdown on a dragon's view page has a bad text overlay problem with longer group names. This doesn't seem to happen if I zoom the whole page, just when increasing font size. Granted I'm not a coder, but I feel like it should be simple enough to allow room for an extra line for wrapped-text? 


(Someone please tell me if this is possibly just a bug on my end, this is what I'm seeing on Chrome...)



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I've always had this problem with long group names, so I've gotten used to shortening them as much as possible to fit on one line.

If the dropdown could be a bit wider (or wrapped text could just get its own line), that would be great.

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