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Hello Fellow Dragon Hoarders!

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   Hello there, I am Angel!

   I have been playing Dragon cave for well over a year now and finally got the courage to speak on the forums. I am an Artist at heart generally drawing and writing when ever I get the chance to, with a massive love for dragons and mystical creatures in general. So me coming to something like dragon cave was only natural due to the fact that it is around raising and growing dragons! While I am not on all the times I have moments of high active, which normally happens around Halloween; As their designs grab my interests the most! 

 I tend to lurk in forms like so this may be the first and last time you see me before I suddenly pop up once again later down the line! 

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Hello and welcome! The Halloween release, no matter how crazy and hectic it is, has always been one of my favorite releases. That and Christmas. :) 

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Welcome to the forum ! 🌷

I hope you'll like it here. 😊

And I would love to see your art, maybe one day on the forum ?

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