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250 book challenge 2021-2022

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Book Number: 116
Number Of Pages: 368
Book Title:  A Treason of Thorns
Author: Laura E Weymouth
Book Number: 117
Number Of Pages: 308
Book Title: One Was Lost
Author: Natalie D Richards
Book Number: 118
Number Of Pages: 208
Book Title: Follow Me to Ground
Author: Sue Rainsford
Book Number: 119
Number Of Pages: 336
Book Title: Heartwood Box
Author: Ann Aguirre
Book Number: 120
Number Of Pages: 391
Book Title: Outrun the Moon
Author:  Stacey Lee

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Book Number: 59

Number Of Pages: 400

Book Title: An Under Suspicuon Novel: The Cinderella Murder

Author: Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Summary: Laurie is a televison producer who want to get an episode about Susan Dempsey, who died 20 years earlier. The production invite everyone who were linked to the victime to tell her story and hopefully find her murderer. 

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Book Number: 121
Number Of Pages: 368
Book Title: Red Hood
Author: Elana K Arnold
Book Number: 122
Number Of Pages: 336
Book Title: The Dark Tide
Author: Alicia Jaskinska
Book Number: 123
Number Of Pages: 400
Book Title: All Your Twisted Secrets
Author: Diana Urban

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Book Number: 124
Number Of Pages: 
Book Title: Nameless Queen
Author:  Rebecca McLaughlin
Book Number: 125
Number Of Pages: 435
Book Title: Star Daughter
Author: Shveta Thakrar
Book Number: 126
Number Of Pages: 416
Book Title: A Universe of Wishes
Author: Dhonielle Clayton  (Editor)
Book Number: 127
Number Of Pages: 482
Book Title: Long Bright River
Author: Liz Moore
Book Number: 128
Number Of Pages: 384
Book Title: Echoes Between Us
Author: Katie McGarry

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Posted (edited)

Book Number: 60

Number Of Pages: 720

Book Title: Academ's Fury

Author: Jim Butcher

Edited by Little-Star

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Book Number: 129

Number Of Pages: 384

Book Title: White Smoke

Author: Tiffany Jackson


Book Number: 130

Number Of Pages: 432

Book Title: Dark and Shallow Lies

Author: Ginny Myers Sain


Book Number: 131

Number Of Pages: 319

Book Title: The Drowning Kind

Author: Jennifer McMahon

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Book Number: 61

Number Of Pages: 309

Book Title: Felix Vortan et les orphelins du roi (Would translate as: Felix Vortan and the king's orphans)

Author: L.P. Sicard

Summary: Felix is an orphan and live in a orphenage his whole life attending a boarding school with his best friend Nicolas. One they, they receive a strange message and they are brough in a new world, they discover their magic heritage there.

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Book Number: 31

Number Of Pages: 332

Book Title: Stormdancer

Author: Jay Kristoff

Summary: This dystopian steampunk adventure set in Japan features the protagonist Yukiko with her father and friends fulfilling the wishes of the Shogun of the land, Yoritomo, in capturing a griffin. Although they succeed, the mission ends in disaster that has Yukiko struggling to survive with only the newly-freed griffin for company. Since he hates her for capturing him and would rather kill her than help her, how will she survive and be reunited with her father?


This is book one in the trilogy series and while I will finish the next two I would not recommend this one. It's horribly disrespectful of Japanese culture.

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Book Number: 39*

Number Of Pages: 288

Book Title: Shadow Fallen

Author: Sherrilyn McQueen Kenyon

Summary: the story of an Arel, Ariel, and the Norman soldier, Valteri the Godless.  She has no memory of who she is, and why she's so drawn to Valteri. Valteri thinks he's the worthless brother of Will (aka William the Conqueror), and has been told many times he's the heartless son of Lucifer.  which is completely not the case, but his father is only just learning of his son, Valteri fitzJaden.  there's also curses, demons, escapes... and true love in this Dream-Hunter novel.
(my note: #31for 2022)

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Book Number: 9 (I think)

Number Of Pages: 218

Book Title: Stalking Jack the Ripper

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Summary: Young Audrey Rose Wadsworth is the younger of Edmund Wadsworth's two children, and she's also interested in a rather macabre hobby that young society ladies shouldn't indulge in. This is 1800s London after all, and a serial killer is stalking the streets. Audrey Rose must use her wits, and to her reluctance, the handsome Thomas Cresswell's wits to solve the case of Jack the Ripper. 

Rating: I love this book. Audrey Rose is adorable, and her slowly realizing that she likes the devilishly handsome Thomas is just the cutest thing. I have the second one too! It's about Dracula! 5/5. YA novels are just the best. 

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Book Number: 132
Number Of Pages: 480
Book Title: Of Silver and Shadow
Author: Jennifer Gruenke
Book Number: 133
Number Of Pages: 496
Book Title: Beasts of Prey
Author: Ayana Gray
Book Number: 134
Number Of Pages: 368
Book Title:  The New Girl
Author: Jesse Sutanto
Book Number: 135
Number Of Pages: 388
Book Title: The Disappearances
Author: Emily Bain Murphy

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Book Number: 62

Number Of Pages:175

Book Title: Les Contes Interdits : Jack et le haricot magique

Author: Vic Verdier

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