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A hilariously late intro

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Hi! I’ve been a member of dragcave for… 11 years. I started playing in high school and then over the years popped in and out until I completely forgot my account for 7 years. Oops.


My previous account name was Mudzel, but I don’t use that nickname any more so I changed it to Keigo. I’m excited to see all of the new dragons! Well, new to me. I have a load to discover now.


I’m 27 and work at an animal hospital and in my free time I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and sleeping.

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Welcome back Keigo ! 🌼

I was also an early player that forgot the game for a time, have fun discovering all the new things ! 🥰

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18 hours ago, _Ro_ said:

Welcome back, and loving the Hawks pfp.


Thank you!

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