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Firstborn Dragon

Bug with my Floret Wyvern peach encyclopedia

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I don't freeze dragons.  I just don't like doing it.  So I KNOW this has to be a big bug as it's impossible.  The bio page says the following:


  • Eggs Owned: 9
  • Hatchlings Owned: 170
  • Adults Raised: 9


I have ONE hatchy right now of that species.  I just checked, this is the info i have on the floret Wyvern, purple and gold:


  • Eggs Owned: 10
  • Hatchlings Owned: 10
  • Adults Raised: 10

So it's not even merging the hatchy count of all my florets, as I only have 20 total.  The bio page should read 10 not 170.

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Have you ever had a hatchling on your scroll and later abandoned or traded it? The encyclopedia counts *everything* you *have* owned (since it was implemented), not everything you currently have, so every hatchling you've ever had on your scroll will count. Is it possible you've traded for a lot of hatchlings (and then re-traded them, since your adult count is low), or anything like that?


It's not unusual for the hatchling count to be much higher than the adult count, if you've traded/abandoned hatchlings, but it *is* pretty strange for your egg count to be so low while having such a high hatchie count.

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Nope I keep almost everything and what I drop is MAYBE 1-2 of a species, if that.  I love the peaches so I've been keeping them all.

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Nope.  I mostly play myself, maybe gift a few eggs.  If I had done something that would give me THAT kind of hatchy count I'd recall. 


Edit:  Going though the encylopedia, there's a few other species that look off, same pattern. 


Adult count = egg count, hatchy count is higher. 


Aranoa Dragon, Blazeback Dragon,  Brute Dragon (Shorty a hatchy, I have 1 more egg and adult then hatchy), Fell Dragon (One species I collect, so don't get rid of hatchies or eggs, yet short 2 adults again), Gemshards.


Basically as far as I got going though.  Some others I'm suspicious about numbers, but I know I traded a few so I may be misremembering.  IT's almost 5 am so I'm too tired to check more listings, but something is off about some numbers.  If you check 90% of my species are egg=hatchy=adult number, so it's these differences that are throwing me for a loop.

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I decided to check my encyclopedia too. 


Both my florets are OK, but I have two strange breeds: gemshard and neglected.


Gemshards have somehow similar stats to yours:

Eggs Owned: 19

Hatchlings Owned: 241

Adults Raised: 10


I'm sure I couldn't have traded that much:). I was away from the site since ~2015 until current March.


I'm not sure when that stats increased so dramatically. I'll keep an eye on them considering further hatchlings or bugs.


Another strange breed is neglected, however I believe it's different kind of bug: I have created two hatchlings, and each gave 4 "owned hatchlings". This is not from past trades too because when hatching the second one, counter increased from 4 to 8 without any other actions on my side.



UPD: on July, 5th there were severe lags. One of my gemshards hatched that day. I believe site could have bugged that way, that on view egg would decide to hatch, add itself to the encyclopedia, but actually fail to hatch, so on the next view process would repeat. 

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