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egg abandoned due to breed limits?

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https://dragcave.net/images/vicq.png Automatically abandoned an egg or hatchling due to breed limits.

Jul 01, 2021, 12:37 pm EDT






Trophy Eggs Total





wasnt locked due to space limits. Is there a limit on peach florets? or is this a glitch? would love to have the egg back and question answered.


I didnt abandon it, it auto did it. so it is not that.


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Was that trophy screenshot taken after the auto-abandon happened? 22/24, is it possible you *had* 24 at the moment of breeding and 2 grew up before you took that screenshot? Do you have any adults that just grew up?

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Exactly what I was wondering, and I THOUGHT I posted, but....


No there's no limits on peach florets.

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