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Igloo's Abode of Creativity and Deranged Ramblings

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Welcome to the Rave!


Hello hello! Come on in. My name is Igloo, and I do art, take pretty pictures, write lots of informative things as well as fiction, and even make pretty things out of yarn with me own hands. You will quickly learn that I love dragons and animals more than literally anything else, which will be reflected in all of my art. ' w '



Look at the pretty arts ❤️


Why She Be Yellin So Much


I will probably use this thread to show off some art as well as posting photos and maybe even some writing! I don't reliably draw requests, but if someone asks for something and I'm in the right mood and inspiration strikes me, your wishes may be fulfilled! Since writing counts as an original work, feel free to basically ask me any question about animals or my life to get a drawn or written response!! I hope y'all give me some fun prompts and requests as practice is the best way to improve when it comes to any art form.


I will also make this orginal master post much snazzier in the future. But for now, some basics!


  1. I really like nhiostrifes please prompt me to draw and write about my nhiostrifes, will work 4 nhios, gimme the little potato munchers I am a simple child. Give me nhios to earn undying fealty and/or ownership of my soul!
  2. At this point in my art progression I mainly prefer drawing animals and dragons! Humans aren't quite my forte yet, and as for animals I am most used to drawing canids, some reptiles, deer, and whales.
  3. I love to talk so never be afraid to mosey in here and chat me up since chats can lead to drawings!



More draws!


Desert Rose


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