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Travel through Asia

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Travel Through Asia


I am reviving this project which has been dormant for some time. I am still working on finding out who is still active, and when that's complete, I will add all the lists of cities etc.


From AppleMango's first post when it all started, in this thread:


I got this idea from the Travel Through Europe project which was originally created by Hyesu and is now being managed by Lantean_Pegasus. It can be found here.

Since I will be using the same ideas and rules, I did ask Lantean_Pegasus if it was okay before I started this. smile.gif


In this project, you get to travel all around Asia, with each city being represented by a different breed of dragon. Choose the capital you'd like to be the host of, and then tour all the other cities, exchanging "tickets" with the other members of the project.


Travel Brochure (How does it work ?)


1. Choose a capital of Asia you want to be the host of. This will be your base of travels.

2. Choose a breed of dragons to represent this capital (if there isn't one already).

3. Get a CB pair of these dragons and name them accordingly.

4. Breed 2nd gens and exchange them for the 2nd gens of other members. This way you visit each other's capitals.

5. If you'd like to do so - breed a lineage from these 2nd gens, bringing together all the capitals you've been to.


Travel Information (The Rules)


1. You have to choose a capital or other city and a breed of dragon that aren't represented already (or a capital listed as inactive, see 1.a.). (see lists below)

Attention: If there are capitals open or inactive, you have to choose one of them first ! Only if all capitals are represented and active you may choose your first city from the list of other cities.

If you have to choose an inactive capital, you may reserve one other combination of unclaimed city and breed to become your second hosted city once you've travelled long enough. (see 1.b.)

- 1.a. If you choose a capital that is represented already, and listed as "Inactive", you have to use the breed of dragon already chosen for that capital to form your own pair.

- 1.b. You may host two cities.

-- To choose a second city you have to have travelled to ten places already (including your own, if you'd like). Please include links to the ten 2nd gen dragons on your scroll in your request for a second city.

-- Both the second city you choose and the breed to go with it have to be unrepresented so far. Or you can choose an Inactive capital (see 1.a.).

-- You may choose your second city from the list of other cities, rather that the list of capitals, but it’s your choice.

-- If there is a city not listed, please PM me to suggest it. You may also request that it be reserved for your second city if you wish. smile.gif I will probably add it, but it is not a guarantee.

-- You may wish to request a second city be reserved for your second city when you first join. Or you may request a second dragon be reserved for your second city, but not both. This is optional.

-- Please do not add the city that is reserved for you to your passport.

-- I'll put a form to request a second city lower in this post.

2. You should name your caveborns with some relation to the city (or at least the country) they represent.

(e.g. typical names, like "Yumi" for Japan or "Yejoon" for the Korea; famous persons, like "Jackie Chan" for Hong Kong; famous places, like "Lalbagh Fort" for Dhaka etc.)

3. Fill out your Passport(See below)

4. You visit the cities of other members by trading a 2nd gen from your city for a 2nd gen from theirs.

This can be done in several ways:

- via the thread: post either a general offer or the link of a two-way trade, or just reply to the offer of another member

- via PM (if you want to ask a specific member/city if they'd like to exchange tickets)

4.a. Usually you both have to trade 2nd gens to visit each other's city.

If one partner can't offer a 2nd gen, however, for example because their pair didn't give an egg, they may take in the other 2nd gen via a one-way transfer, and have to deliver their own 2nd gen to the other partner as soon as possible. (That means breeding the pair again at the soonest opportunity, and using the next egg/hatchie they get to fulfill that obligation.)

5. You may also keep offspring from your own dragons, of course. (You'll need at least one if you want to do a lineage.)

6. Please name the 2nd gens you acquire from others according to their city/country of origin.

7. Take good care of the 2nd gens you get. No biting, killing or neglecting.

8. Usually you visit each city once. However, you may visit for a second time. (For example if you need the other gender for creating a lineage.)

- For the second visit you don't have to trade an offspring of your city, if the host of the city in question doesn't want one.

- If there are several travellers interested in visiting a specific city at the same time, the host is strongly recommended to give precedence to any of them that are visiting for the first time.

- If you intend to use this second offspring from that city for inbreeding, let the host know, so they can decide if they are willing to part with a dragon in that case.

9. When you travel somewhere, either you or your visitor must announce it via a post in the thread.

--Please don't post one way trades in the thread. If a one-way transfer is necessary, please send it via pm.

--In the case of a two-way trade, the person who posted the link should post the below form when they accept an offer.

--In the case of a one-way transfer, the person who takes the egg should post the below form when they take the egg

You may use this form:


Travelling Asia!

Travellers involved:

Capitals travelled:


For example:

Travelling Asia!


Travellers involved: AppleMango, IchibiGaara

Capitals travelled: Tokyo, Seoul


Form for requesting a second city when you have visited 10 other cities in the project)


Please link the dragon(lineage link) and put the name of the city it represents.


I'd like a second city!


I'd like this city:
I'd like this dragon: 
Have either been reserved? If yes, which one. 
1st second gen:  (lineage link, city)
2nd second gen: (lineage link, city)
3rd second gen: (lineage link, city)
4th second gen: (lineage link, city)
5th second gen: (lineage link, city)
6th second gen: (lineage link, city)
7th second gen: (lineage link, city)
8th second gen: (lineage link, city)
9th second gen: (lineage link, city)
10th second gen: (lineage link, city)

Additional Information (rules for special cases)


- If you host one capital, and want to visit the second capital of a fellow traveller after you have already been to their first one, you may just ask them for a ticket. If they don't want to visit your city a second time, you don't have to offer anything in return.


Traveller's Souvenirs (What to do with the 2nd gens ?)


You can just travel around and collect all the capitals and other cities represented so far. Or you can use all the 2nd gens you collected to create your very own "Travel through Asia" lineage.

This can be any kind of lineage you'd like, there are no restrictions involved. (Although some members might have a problem with inbreeding, so perhaps you should stop at that.)

The rule that you may visit a city twice (or more) is mainly in place to make sure that you have the dragons you need to create the lineage you want (correct gender, replace refusals).



Post 1: Introduction

Post 2: News

Post 3: List of Asian capitals/cities

Post 4: List of Dragon Breeds

Post 5: List of Travellers

Post 6: Passport Explanation/form

Post 7: Reserved for banners. smile.gif

Post 8: Reserved

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Capitals of Asia


 PLEASE NOTE - I am still checking the information in this post.


Represented ~ Active

Capital(country) - Host - Dragon

Astana (Kazakhstan) - Taryn123 - Tri-Horn Wyvern - PM

Baghdad (Iraq) - Beldarius - Yellow-Crowned - PM

Bangkok(Thailand) - Belisar - Balloon - PM

Beirut (Lebanon) - Seejey - Pink - PM

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) - Idril - Nhiostryfe wyverns - PM

Colombo (Sri Lanka**) - Catstaff - Striped River Dragons - PM - happy to be replaced if wanted

Dhaka (Bangladesh) - HappyAppy - Bright-Breasted Wyvern

Hanoi (Vietnam) - XToshiro (winter_tea inactive) - Speckle-Throated - PM - will breed on request

New Delhi (India) - Lantean_Pegasus - Black Tea Dragons - PM

Ramallah (Palestine*) - Fuzzbucket - Serrati Wyvern - PM or post in the thread

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) - AnnoyingTiger888 - Anagallis - PM 

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Sri Lanka**) - Catstaff - Gold-Horned Tangar - PM  will breed till replaced

Tokyo(Japan) - AppleMango - Skywing - PM  

Ulan Bator (Mongolia) - Idril - Horse - PM


Those who have said they will breed till replaced are (I gather) happy if someone wants to take over their city.


Represented ~ not heard back yet

Beijing (China) - Isanor - Sunsong Amphiptere - PM

Jerusalem (Israel) - Winterspheonix - Sunstone - PM or post in thread

Thimphu (Bhutan) - Xocowolf - Guardians - PM

Vientiane (Laos) - Viridis - Gaia Xenowyrms - PM


Represented ~ Inactive

Ankara(Turkey) - Quinney - Frostbites

Damascus (Syria) - PhantomoftheWolves - Olives

Jakarta (Indonesia) - RejectSoul - Ridgewings - PM

Kabul(Afghanistan) StarLaDragon - Whiptails

Macau (China***) - ValkyrieXx - Pillows

Malé(Maldives) - Pavasaris - Imperial Fleshcrownes

Manila(Philippines) - BringsTheSnow - Red-finned Tideweaver L:indwyrmTemporarily Reserved

Nicosia (Cyprus) - Lethendralis - Blusang Lindwurms

Pyongyang (North Korea) - Dismissed - Gold - PM

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) - Hoshino - Harvest

Seoul(S. Korea) - IchibiGaara - Royal Blue

Singapore (Singapore) - 0023567467 - Royal Crimson

Taipei (Taiwan) - Altiron - Sunrise/Sunset dragons



 Represented ~ Reserved

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) - ElementalMistressLuna


Unclaimed - Open for Choosing

Amman (Jordan)

Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

Baku (Azerbaijan)

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)

Doha (Qatar)

Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

Islamabad (Pakistan)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuwait City (Kuwait)

Manama (Bahrain)

Muscat (Oman)

Naypyidaw (Burma)

Sana'a (Yemen)

Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tehran (Iran)

Yerevan (Armenia)



* When I looked for Palestine's capital, it said that they've claimed Jerusalem as their capital, but as Jerusalem is also(?) the capital of Israel,

I decided to use their "Administrative center"; Ramallah

** Sri Lanka has 2 capitals, so they are both available. 

*** Hong Kong and Macau are governed under the "One country, Two systems" rule, they are Special Administrative Regions of China, so for practical purposes they are their own countries, how ever they are still a part of China. Also, even though China only has one official capital, Beijing, I've left Hong Kong and Macau on the capitals list as I don't think there is a way to keep everyone happy.




Other Cities of Asia


Represented ~ Active

City(country) - Host - Dragon

Bhaktapur(Nepal) - Fuzzbucket - Carmine Wyvern - PM (or post in the thread)

Mumbai(India) - LumosSeeker148 - Embers - PM



Represented ~ Inactive

City(country) - Host - Dragon

Istanbul(Turkey) - Quinney - Reds

Sapporo(Japan) - PhantomoftheWolves - Coastal Waverunner



Represented ~ Reserved

City(country) - Host

Kyoto(Japan) - IchibiGaara

Lhasa(Tibet/China) - Isanor

Osaka(Japan) - AnnoyingTiger888

Phuket City(Thailand) - Winterspheonix

Quezon City(Philippines) - WolfParadise

Samarkand(Uzbekistan) - Beldarius

Putrajaya(Malaysia) - RejectSoul








Busan(South Korea)


Dubai(United Arab Emirates)


Ho Chi Minh City(Vietnam)







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Available Dragon Breeds*


Black Capped Teimarr







Deep Sea


Fever Wyvern

Flamingo Wyvern







Plated Colossus




Spirit Ward

Spotted Greenwing




Tsunami Wyvern



Water Walker



If you want to use a breed that isn't listed, PM me and I will switch things around if I can.


Dragon Breeds Already Chosen



Black Tea

Bleeding Moon

Blusang Lindwurm

Bright-Breasted Wyvern

Carmine Wyvern

Coastal Waverunner



Falconiform Wyvern


Gaia Xenowyrm

Gemshard (reserved for Viridis)


Gold-horned Tangar



Hellfire Wyvern


Imperial Fleshcrownes



Nhiostrife Wyvern






Royal Blue

Royal Crimson




Striped - (reserved for Pavasaris)

Striped River


Sunsong Amphiptere


Tideweaver Lindwyrm

Tri-Horn Wyvern


White (reserved for Isanor)



I am not sure about some of these reserved ones for when people get second cities. I'll wait and see what happens)


*Pygmies, Holidays, Two headed dragons and Drakes are not allowed as they don’t breed with normal dragons, or are only available at certain times of the year, I also had trouble with thinking of as many cities as I had dragon breeds, so I took some off that had alts or different versions like blacks and coppers. If you’d like one of these feel free to request it and I will definitely consider it, it just means I will have more dragons that cities. So if you send a good city and request a dragon breed not on the list then it will most probably be accepted. smile.gif


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List Of Travellers


A list of all members; links to their passports will follow. :) 




AppleMango - passport


Belisar - passport


Dolphine - passport


Fuzzbucket - passport

HappyAppy - passport


Lantean_Pegasus - passport

LumosSeeker148 - passport


Seejey - passport




No response as yet

Isanor /KanzeMsamune




















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To ensure smooth travelling for everyone, it is always helpful to know some facts about the other members. To achieve this, it is strongly recommended to keep your Passport ready and up-to-date.


Information that should be included:


- Capital hosted

- Breed of dragons

- Date of the last breeding

- Do you follow the thread and offer/trade your 2nd gens here, or do you prefer to be asked via PM ?

- Capitals visited already

- Capitals you'd like to visit a second time/once more


If applicable:

- Periods during which you can't be reached (vacation, illness, whatever)

- Regular online times


After that you may add anything else you think useful or interesting.


Here is a form you could use: 






Native 2nd gen: 

Last bred: 


(if relevant:

Second city: 



Native 2nd gen:

Last bred:)


Already travelled: -

(Lineage links)


Would like a visit: -


Contact (thread, PM or both): 


Regular online time(s): -



Time off:

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Thank you to Lethendralis for making the following amazing banners back in the day.


Chengdu_zps3da91cde.png.c28f94d4e69f0d40ba6dae1906f8e374.png      Thimphu_zps0480d175.png.4d1622f36294ce87b4afc3a2eb8c86fe.png1037335316_Manila_zps9ad120b5(1).png.9139f1831152caa72d611faf957bd91c.png         Nicosia_zps12be65b6.png.bf59623e3be522fbe104b930e60d9705.pngBeijing_zps718a4b59.png.205678826a830815c97d32c2d948b01c.png

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OK - I think I can now declare this thread up for use.


Please do post your passports, so that we can all keep tabs - and please let me know if I have anything up there that's plain wrong. The inactive capitals are up for grabs; the ones represented by people I haven't heard back from may be available in the future.


Welcome to Asia ! Please bring your vaccination certificate or your negative test results !

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Capital: Ramallah

Country: Palestine

Dragons: Seragamma Wyverns

Native 2nd gen: Riyad from Ramallah

Last bred: I breed on request


Second city: Bhaktapur

Country: Nepal

Dragons: Carmine Wyverns

Native 2nd gen: Bikram from Bhaktapur

Last bred: I breed on request


Already travelled: -


























Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte



Ulan Bator



Would like a visit: - anywhere I haven't been !


Contact (thread, PM or both): both


Regular online time(s): - far too frequent, but irregular !

Timezone: GMT (and sometimes cave time, depending where I am !)


Time off:

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Capital: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Dragons: Bright-Breasted Wyvern

Native 2nd gen: Abishak of Dhaka


Last bred: April 08, 2021

Contact (thread, PM or both): Both

Already traveled: 




Would like another visit: NA


Regular online time(s): Mostly evenings and late nights :)

Timezone: Dragon Cave Time -3


Time off: -

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Dolphine: Moscow (Russia)

Capital: Moscow
Country: Russia
Dragons: Falconiform Wyvern
Native 2nd gen: Dmitri of Moscow
Last bred: Breed on request

Contact: (thread, PM or both): Both PM

Already travelled:
To be filled 

Would like another visit:
Working on an even gen with all the cities in it.
Keeping everything in my spreadsheet
Regular online time(s): On and off during the day
Timezone: GMT +1 (Belgium)
Time off: /
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Capital: Tokyo

Country: Japan

Dragons: Skywings

Native 2nd gen: Kotoe smile.gif


Last bred: Jan 24, 2015, 12:06 am, Egg given to BringsTheSnow. smile.gif


Contact (thread, PM or both): PM

Already travelled:

Hong Kong





Would like another visit: -


Regular online time(s): Not online but will reply to PMs

Timezone: GMT +11 or +10 depending on daylight savings +10 April-October, +11 October-April)


Time off: 

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Capital: (New) Delhi

Country: Republic of India

Dragons: Black Tea dragon

Native 2nd gen: Lodi Gardens


Last bred: April 27th

Contact (thread, PM or both): both

Already travelled: Ramallah, Ankara, Ulan Bator, Hanoi, Taipei, Baghdad, Kabul, Kathmandu, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Damascus, Seoul, Tokyo, Bhaktapur, Vientiane, Bishkek, Riyadh, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dhaka, Moscow


Would like another visit: -


Regular online time(s): -

Timezone: GMT +1, Cave-time +6 (6 hours ahead of cave-time)


Time off: -

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1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:

@Dolphine - can I interest you in a trip to Ramallah for a ticket to Moscow ? (I can't follow your spreadsheet...)


It's quite nice this time of year.!

Offered an egg.

My spreadsheet is work in progress as i am trying to figure out who is active and who is not.

two pages for europe and two for asia

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Travelling Asia!


Travellers involved: Dolphine, Fuzzbucket

Capitals travelled: Moscow, Ramallah.

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Just asking, i haven't travelled a lot here but i have in Europe.

If there are people inactive and you want to revive the topic i am happy to take over a 2nd city to help the the project started again. 

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The rules do say you need 10 cities here first.... I'll hold off till we heard from everyone, and then see when the general consensus is - we MIGHT get new members as it kicks in. Actually I must ADVERTISE...

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Capital: Beirut

Country: Lebanon

Dragons: Pinks

Native 2nd gen:  Abjad from Beirut

Last bred: Breed on request


Already travelled: -



Would like a visit: -


Contact : PM


Regular online time(s): -

Timezone: UTC -3 (+1 cave time)


Time off: -

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Welcome ! May I book me a ticket when you have your own 2 gen ?

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Of course! I was already on my way to Palestine myself!


Your jet is ready, @Fuzzbucket. Are you?

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No - you keep that as your native 2gen !

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Found my original passport! It's still active (thank goodness!) :)



Passport -- Kathmandu (Nepal) and Mumbai (India)


Capital: Kathmandu

Country: Nepal

Dragons: Luminas

Native 2nd gen: Singha Durbar


Last bred: 20 November 2015


City: Mumbai

Country: India

Dragons: Embers

Native 2nd gen: Aarav Malhotra


Last bred: 23 August 2015


Contact (thread, PM or both): PM me please!

Already travelled:

Would like another visit: All of them! smile.gif


Regular online time(s): On and off during the day, but usually from 8:00pm-12:30am EST

Timezone: GMT -4


Time off: --

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