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It's My Mom and I's Birthday!

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And I couldn't be happier. Mom has been bad sick for over a month, and she had to go to the hospital and was admitted. She has an infection in the valve at the back of her heart. They are treating her with antibiotics, which go in to her via a PICC line. They go in constantly, and will be for 6 more weeks.


I was worried she wouldn't make it to our birthday. I was terrified and scared. But, she is up and around like normal!


My best friend met us for lunch, and he, mom, and my husband, Steven, went to lunch! it would have only been better if my girlfriend had been here, but hopefully soon she can come spoil mom.


I am so thankful for having today with mom.

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Happy Birthday to you,  LokisLady, and to your mom too!  


I hope your mother gets well soon.  As an older person myself, I can only be amazed at all the things that seem to go wrong with people.  Nevertheless, the doctors know a lot these days and I'm sure they will give her the best of care so she recovers and becomes healthy once again.   :D

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