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Junji Ito fans?

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I saw that exactly 6 threads mentioned Junji Ito, but there were none specifically for discussion on his manga. I only started reading like... a month ago, most of that was done within one or two nights. So far my favorites have to be Uzumaki and Mimi's Ghost Stories. I also read what I could find of most of his individual stories, and honestly I'm hooked, but I'm running out of stories on the one Tumblr list I found


Are there any specific ones you'd recommend? Other artists that're similar? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites? Do you only like his horror manga, or do you like the funnier ones, too (ex. Cat Diary)? What're your favorite or least favorite aspects of his style? Any specific story that stuck with you long after reading? I mostly just want to foster conversation about his works cause I think they're really cool, and definitely give me a lot to think about while I'm going to sleep at night

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