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Cantomaris Dragon Question

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I have only been able to get one of the color schemes of the Cantomaris Dragons and it's driving me nuts. My question is are they color specific to the other biomes or are they just random when you catch an egg. Or do they have to be bred for the other colors? I kind of got in on the very end of this particular release and haven't seen any since. I have bought a few from the market but I keep getting the same ones. I have like 12 of the exact same color....LOL. HELP!!!

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cantormaris colors are determined the last BSA used on them before they hatch.


sophos (dark blue): precognition

itus (orange): teleport

mundus (pink): do nothing

iratus (red): incubate


Here's the wiki page as well: https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Cantormaris_Dragon 

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