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Signature problems

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Please help. I temporarily changed my signature and in the process, now most of the images in my old signature have vanished.


I can still view some of the links, but they only show in my signature as links.


I have tried copy/pasting them into my sig and see no difference.


I checked and the images seem to still be linked to their respective links. (Each of my images in my sig is linked to something.)


Anyone know what is amiss?


My sig, at least the top half, (bottom is covered because the signature height issue hasn't been fixed) is supposed to look something like this:



Even in this thread it shows up as image links instead of the actual images plus links from each image. 


This is only the first line. 


http://i.imgur.com/E0pa8eQ.png 262u0au.png http://lair.silverdrak.de/img/silvi1.gif LLEjtAj.gif http://dc.evinext.com/banner3.png Daily Dragon Fix http://leviathan.thorngale.net/lunar/shoko.png

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I have @Fuzzbucket to thank, as she wrote a post that got me out of this conundrum. (See below for post.) Also: I had exactly 10 images, so that was not my issue.


Basically, I had to reconstruct my entire signature. It was not enough to copy/paste my signature from a forum post I had open, which still contained my full signature.


Instead, I had to redownload every image, which I have now saved to my computer for safekeeping. In addition, I had to relink each image, even though they had been previously linked. (Each image was linked so that when it is clicked, it takes one to the appropriate web page.)


Thank you, fuzz. I used your post, because I had been trying to insert IMG code and URL code, much of which is posted here under banners to advertise various dragon hatcheries, for example. But in my case, using that code, which should have worked, was not working. So I used fuzz's post along with my own knowledge (throwing out the URL and IMG code) to find a solution.


If anyone else ever finds themselves in this conundrum, I suggest: (Do not click on SAVE SIGNATURE until all steps have been completed.)


1. Keep open the last page where your signature showed correctly. Even better, before you start messing around with your sig, open a page which contains your correct sig (in a forum post, ideally) in a separate web page and keep it there until you know that your signature edits are correct.


2. Keep a file folder on your computer with every image that you use in your sig. You may inadvertently lose track of them, or the "banner codes" to advertise threads and dragon hatcheries may not work (I am still not sure why they don't always work. I tried typing them in by hand, etc. Nothing worked.)


3. Download each signature image manually by doing the following: Go to Settings / Signature / "Drag files here to attach or choose files" -- I chose "Choose files" and downloaded them from my computer one by one.


4. Click on the "+" (plus) sign to add them manually to your signature in the place where you want them to appear. If you make a mistake, hit the back key, which will delete them from your sig. Then position your cursor where you want the image to appear and click the "+" plus sign again.


5. If, like me, you have your images linked to URLs so that clicking on an image takes you to a URL, do the following: A. Click on or "select" the image in your sig. In the format menu, click on the chain (the "link") icon. B. Then enter the URL you want to associate with your image. C. Click on "Insert Into Post."


6. After you have completed each step, double check that you achieved the desired result (do not SAVE yet) by clicking on the "Preview" icon. Test ***while in preview mode*** to make sure that your images do indeed take you to the links that you have specified. Also test to make sure your images are appearing in your signature.


7. If images do not appear, double check that you have no more than 10 images.


8. If all looks well in preview mode (check desktop, phone and tablet previews), click SAVE at the bottom and SAVE your new signature.


I wish I knew how to keep everything from breaking, but at least you can painstakingly recreate it. If anyone knows how to view the actual code in the signature (something I thought we used to be able to do, please advise. 


If anyone has any other tips on how to prevent signatures from breaking, how to easily reconstruct signatures (copy/pasting used to work and no longer does), how to view code formatting (so that you can view the HTML code such as URL and IMG), please advise.


This was a royal pain to have to reconstruct, and it would be great if there was an easier way. I used to keep a copy of old signatures in my "notes" area, but those appear to have disappeared.

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