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Fix line breaks in lineage view

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Currently, the lineage view sometimes cuts a dragon's name in the middle of the word to insert a line break. This seems to happen when the dragon has a two-part name with a longish second part, for example here:



This problem persists for me on all skins except the 1960s one, where the name doesn't need a line break at all. It happens both on mobile and desktop and regardless of browser, even if the second part of the dragon's name could fit a single line. Logically, the line break would be where the space is, like this:



This seems to be unintentional and hopefully will get fixed soon.

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I don't have an example right now because I usually "fix" them by adding a hyphen, so the long word at least breaks in a more natural place.

But I would prefer not having to do that and just having long words on one line. I hope it's possible to make the line breaks smarter. (Or less smart, whatever is needed here.)

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