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Show off your dragon names

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as title suggests, show some of your favorite dragon names that you’ve named yourself. Bonus if you explain why you gave it said name. This post can also double as a “show off your favorite dragon”


I can start with mine, I only have 2 named atm, oPPsm.gif ,, Z71OB.gif


Left is named Gray Luck, Right is named Pearl Effervescent. I can’t even give myself bonus points cause I can’t explain why I named them these. I just name things whatever first comes to mind. Pearl is my favorite though.

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15 minutes ago, dragongrrl said:

We have another thread for this:


these are very different though. “names you  can’t believe you got” and “What’s Your favorite(s) dragon names” are different situations. I can see how i missed it though, it’s old, 2011.

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