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[Closed] Saga of Valkemare

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The World moves and one Age closes for another to open . Time and Song remember all things that have been, will be, and are.


This age is one of growth and peace, but.... also of coming war. The peoples' of the world, man and dragon alike have multiplied. Their territories and kingdoms have expanded. The world has shrunken to the eyes of those people. Neighbors must now think of the future. Some speak of peace, they seek out friendship in earnest and others in self interested desire. Some rattle sabers, eyeing land, riches, or nobler goals to come to pass. They see a chance for victory, for hopes and dreams to come true by might and spilt blood. 


Dragons have come closer to humanity as centuries of cohabitation happened. There are still many Wild dragons. They live freely without desire for civilization. Their territories are often far from cities or nations, often in land that is inhospitable to humans. Of the dragons that live and work with humans, most are part of a Dragonhold. Human cities and buildings tend to be unfit for any dragon that isn't just hatched or a pygmy breed. A dragonhold is purpose built for both species. Together, they live and work as one. A hold provides services based on the dragons that belong to it. White dragons make great healers, pygmies couriers, Red dragons blacksmith assistants. These services bring money to the dragon and the hold they belong to. The Dragonholds are a political body to themselves. A King can try to enforce an unpopular decision on a hold, but forcing a small army of dragons to listen is an expensive and dangerous endeavor unless you have the support of another Dragonhold. The magic and raw physical ability of dragons leave holds to be courted by guilds and nobles alike to accomplish jobs that would be ruinously costly otherwise. (Such as a white dragon healing a noble from plague in the space of hour)


Dragonholds must decide what they want from the future. Some believe they should support the nations they live in, some believe they should rule, and most want to merely live well. They want money in the hoard, a good job, and hatchlings underfoot. Whatever they choose, they will shape the future.



The Empyreal Dragonhold is the starting location. It is a new hold that is being formed to cover the northern part of the Astarael Kingdom. The people of the Kingdom are determined and kind, but some still think that riches and power can be found in battle. Whether the kingdom stays at peace or strives for war will be shaped by you!


Just one mile from the Hold is the village Aethery. It has a population of 700 and a wide range of services including an alchemist. The villages primary income is the Dragonhold itself. Several new herds have been established in the area in hopes of making a living selling to the hold. If the Hold fails, then it will mean disaster for the village.


Reserved for Future information.

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Name: Vyira

Gender: Female

Species: Dragon

Breed: Whiptail

Age: 15

Personality: Hyperactive and aggressive. Vyira loves fighting and wishes to be the most dangerous and most important person around. She lacks experience and wisdom, but has a natural innocence that is at odds with her aggressive nature. She is a very competitive dragon. Likes to challenge others even when it is unwise. Her mind is cunning, but her cunning is generally overridden by her aggression. She is very driven when she has a focus, but she struggles to maintain her focus over long periods of time.



Physical characteristics: She's young and a little on the small size for her breed. Vyira is extremely quick and agile with particularly deadly claws. Her eyes are sea green.


Backstory: Vyira always knew she was destined for great things. She didn't care if others always told her she was still young. Since she was a hatchling, Vyira has vied for greatness. She competed in every way she could. Everyone else, both dragon and human, was subjected to her challenges. Her parents were strict and did not want her to be involved in so many fights. They tried to stop her from getting into fights, but all their methods to correct her behavior failed. Her younger brother always idolized her and encouraged her behavior despite the disapproval of their parents.


One time, Vyira went too far. She challenged a dragon who was older and stronger than she was, and she got hurt by that crystalline dragon. It was at that time that she vowed to get stronger until no one could stop her from doing what she wanted. She has worked with a single-minded focus to earn her strength and independence. Eventually, she ran away from home in order to get away from her parents disapproval. On the road, Vyira met a man named Bok Ertan. They traveled together, and he started making sure she didn't get into too much trouble. She will hone her speed and strength until she is a deadly blade ready for the greatest battles.


Name: Bok Ertan

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 22

Magic: Bok doesn't know a lot of magic. He mostly knows augmentation spells and has an affinity for Earth magic.


Weapons and armor: He wears half plate and chain mail with a bardiche as his primary weapon.


Personality: Bok is like a rock. He is calm, steady, and reliable. His actions are carefully thought out before he does them. Unfortunately, Bok has a tendency to think for too long without acting. He likes to listen to people and tries to understand them. Bok always prefers listening to talking. Bok wants to see smiles on everyone's faces so he sacrifices his own time and comfort in order to help people. He tries to do things on his own so others don't suffer. Over time, people begin to learn that although Bok seems serious, he actually has subtle sense of humor that he uses from time to time.


Physical characteristics: Bok is 6'2". He is a heavyset man with broad shoulders. He has slightly long, unkempt brown hair and deep green eyes. On Bok's left shoulder, there is a jagged scar. Bok seems to have a perpetual smile on his face.


Backstory: Bok comes from a simple village at the foot of the mountains. He grew up as the oldest sibling in a large family. Times were tough for his family so he tried to become more mature in order to help his mother take care of his siblings and help his father with the farm. Even though they were poor, he enjoyed his peaceful life. At the local tavern, travelers told stories about the outside world. Bok listened to these stories and grew interested in the outside world. He decided to see the rest of the world as soon as his family was in a stable position. In his spare time, he practiced self-defense using a spear and an axe in order to prepare traveling. Two years later, Bok told his family that he would leave. His family's arguments waned and waxed for three days both for and against his plan. Finally, Bok interrupted their arguments and told them his decision was final. At that point, they knew that they couldn't stop him.


He found a job as a guard for a caravan and got a proper, professional weapon, a bardiche. He gained some experience and took a life for he first time in the a battle against raiders that left a scar on his left shoulder from the leader of the raiders. After the caravan arrived at its destination, he got some work helping a blacksmith. He worked hard, and by the end of his time there, the blacksmith gave him a set of half plate as a reward and goodbye gift. He began traveling again. On his travels, he met a young dragon who had run away from home seeking adventure. They became fast friends and started working together helping escort caravans as they traveled the world. With Vyira by his side, Bok hopes to keep her out of trouble and help people prosper.

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Aniel Veldor

Age 18

Male Human



Amber eyes, short, dark brown hair that is kept tidy and flat. 5’8” with a lean build. Wears a beige tunic with a darker robe over it, black pants and a white, silver buckled belt. Carries a bag slung across his back. Has a determined, examining look most of the time, that melts away into an open smile while with friends like Elisia.



Aspires to be a mage. His affinity is Light and Life element. Equipment is scale mail, buckler and arming sword. Aniel is a willful person. He is determined and it shows in his actions. He strives to do a good job on his work or to learn something in his studies either intellectual or physical. He can also be rather relaxed as things that aren’t a challenge or goal are supposed to be a break. He loves to help others and improve himself and the people he cares about are deeply important to him. He has a streak of pride in himself that he knows is a weakness. He’s smart and tries to keep it in check, but sometimes his pride won’t let him back down from what believes is correct. 


Aniel grew up in the Silvershine Dragonhold. He was an intelligent and willful child. As he got older he found he was gifted at magic and intellectual pursuits. Eventually he learned alchemy to level just above an apprentice along with more normal magic. He grew up alongside Elisia, but they didn’t form their close friendship until he was nine. It was in her that he found a match for his will and smarts. Around this time he began learning Eastern martial arts by a then recent immigrant to the hold. Eager to balance the scales with his friend’s draconic form and interested in the knowledge about the art’s philosophy of self improvement and taijitu, he dedicated himself to becoming a martial artist. Now, he hopes to leave a mark on the world and become stronger than he started.


Elisia Tianshang

Age 19

Female Dragon: Silver



Pale blue eyes, as normal for SIlver otherwise.



Aspires to be a mage, specifically soul magic. Her affinity is Light element. Equipment is being a dragon. Elisia is determined. She has known since being a hatchling that she is a rare breed of dragon. That Silver’s are strong and expected to do great things. She agrees, from a young age her strength with magic was greater than the other hatchlings in the hold. She knows that she can become a strong dragon and be able to help lots of people by doing so. She has a kind heart and saw from her parents that people are better, stronger by choosing to do good. That hard work can trump talent. This drove her to try and be a nice person. Sometimes she loses patience with people who aren’t trying or who refuse to change. She can be hurtful to her enemies or people who are bad, both to hurt them and try to get them to change, yet also because it is painful to her when someone chooses evil over good.


Elisia grew up in the Silvershine Dragonhold. She learned how to use her light magic very quickly and wanted to know more. She happily spent much time playing with others or helping them with their work. This led to her learning many basic spells of other elements. She knew Aniel while growing up, but wasn't particularly close until she was ten. They worked together to mend a garden shed and talked during the job. Finding out about his love of magic and liking each other, they got together more often until they were nearly inseparable. They both enjoyed the Eastern philosophy and she became interested in the spiritual nature of magic. It is an advanced field of study, but she has made her first steps in it.

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