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ANSWERED:Follow/Message Buttons Broken

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The blue "Follow" and "Message" buttons that show when viewing someone's profile are partially hidden behind a different element at the moment:


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I'm being stalked XD

Did you try clearing your cache since the forum update?


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Not as much, only when looking at your actvity, but there it was always covered this way:


{screenshot of Aqub's profile}


edit: Ah, I get it. It depends on username length - as if there wasn't enough frigging SPACE to the right:


{screenshot of Confused Cat's profile}

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7 hours ago, TJ09 said:

This should now be fixed. Thanks for reporting.

It's not for me, though.

I cannot access the messaging system at all. Or my notifications.

(And this new format is horrible. Is it staying like this?)




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1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:

You can't access ME ? That's TERRIBLE !

I know, right?

I can't independently get into the message system at all, and there's no notification button at the top, and no edit or log out or anything options at my own profile.


Old forum:

(The lines at the top right took me to messages and notifications)Screenshot_20210222-142642.thumb.png.5f0e9a12a985423871f8e1acb95f09cd.png


Horrible new forum:

(No lines. No access. :( )



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