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Accidentally Abandoned

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(Might make this into a proper thread for people to help find and rescue abandoned eggs/hatchlings that were abandoned by mistake.)


Hey everyone. ^^;


I hope everyone is doing well. ❤️


I am certain most of you have seen my trade links saying this, in my attempts to get the hatchling back. I do not know what to do, I was 2 dragons away from completing my breeding projects. I wanted to start abandoning the hatchlings I did not want before they matured, and abandoned the wrong hatchling at around 7:37pm est with a remaining time of 4 days. A CB Mutamore. Which is a big deal because CB Vals are now as rare as a chicken. :(


All I can think of is to offer these:

6g Heartseeker x Storm Stair

3g Heartseeker x Royal Checker

4g 2009 Val x Gold Checker

4g Nebula x Gold Stair

CB Nebula

CB Canto/Lure

CB Tercorn


I offer any of these to anyone who can give me a CB Mutamore. Here is a trading link:



My trading dragons are not all available so please bare with me. You are welcome to PM me with trading links of CB Mutamore and request any of the eggs/hatchlings I have.


Thank you to anyone who helps me out! ❤️


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Unfortunately, most of us will not be able to help you, as we already have our CB Mutamore limit, and can't grab onto a third.


Your best bet would be to make your best trade offer in the trading hub and hope for the best by asking for a CB Mutamore.


Most likely, you will be out of luck this year, but you can grab a CB Mutamore next year.


FYI, I have found that fogging or naming hatchlings that I want to keep helps cut down on abandoning the wrong hatchling.

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The sadness I have, please let it be momentarily. I had looked everywhere for any CB Vals left, I was so close to finishing my projects. I really only needed 1 more CB Floral and that would be it, I would've been able to do all the projects. 


I understand there is not much anyone can do, everyone has their limit for event dragons now and the CB Vals are no longer being released. I need to wait, its all I can do.


Hopefully the hatchling I released went to a good home at least. 🙂 A home where the hatchling will be taken care of and able to grow. ❤️ Besides... there is always next year.


Thank you for the kind words and support.


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Everyone made excellent suggestions, thank you! We do not encourage threads like this because it can lead to harassment of members who happen to get the eggs/hatchlings off the AP that were abandoned by mistake. I'm sorry you lost your hatchling, but once you abandon it, it's gone. I hope you can get a CB in Trading or next year when they drop. :( Good luck!

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