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What are your favourite dragons and why?

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Might as well make my first proper post here! What is everyone's top 5 favourite dragons!
For me, in no particular order:

I really like flamingoes, so flamingo wyverns are among my favourites.


Bright breasted wyverns have a really nice shape and cool colours!


Khusa dragons have a really nice vulturine sort of look. It's a shame there's only one adult sprite.

I like all Xenowyrms a lot, their diversity and their satisfying shape is rather nice. Here's some I found in the wilderness. Again, it's a shame that they don't have different sprites for gender, but having one really really nice sprite balances it out.


Labradorite dragons have a very unique shape, and combined with their description they're just a really neat dragon. I wanna be friends wih one...


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Waters obviously.  Largest army in Drag Cave woooo!!


I also like Astrapi, Aastarus, Blacktip, Magma, Monarch, Rosebud, Solstice, and Yulebucks.


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