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Amarignis Breeding Plans 💜

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Probably pairing mine with the Mistras.

I've got the Eradors with Stratos - and was doing a Stratos x Mistra line so it makes sense.


Then I'll breed the two lines together 

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On 2/17/2021 at 11:19 AM, Auriene said:



With fire-themed dragons:


353453611_xOmen.jpg.53da9f423691b8a0e3291b55e172c0de.jpg 793059470_xAstaarus.jpg.9a769c6d9b71c464d6d829d2f476cce7.jpg 606181498_xFalconiform.jpg.faa61744182f5ac961b8e97a4efed355.jpg 1275586672_xBlueGem.jpg.14e68c587c527e596194670c32357239.jpg 1470790308_xGreenGem.jpg.5541fe30248802c8c3066b3ace792e63.jpg 1839634494_xRedGem.jpg.651467d50a217c10054e7484b2414c6d.jpg 1425495062_xArcana.jpg.4da005da7e57be9d390d159cab9c4c9c.jpg 958177929_xPyro.jpg.aad1f3850c20bf5afe94a74a8a1c0f7d.jpg 382170032_xLeodon.jpg.6b770a17625df466f7fc0d567262dfdd.jpg 1230124880_xSophos.jpg.898fd9c11b16c5ad843c77e729d453b1.jpg 1004160426_xItus.jpg.f09d6cdb6d00b2e4f46c08a3c0addbf2.jpg 616143007_xIratus.jpg.9725aa72fb1be76a7c1722a0aaafaab4.jpg


With fire-themed hybrids:


1711951251_xHellhorse.jpg.1f3dcd74e709ddd894cddde08cf2d4d9.jpg 1213746097_xCarina.jpg.ddead3580c3e29d81fe1d902667d5a7e.jpg



Thank you very much!


I really like them with the hybrids! They stand in for the purple dragons really well!  That or the Omens, Arcanas, or Astaarus. I always like Halloween X Valentine's pairs, and the contrast of yellow with Aracanas and Astaarus just look nice. 


On as side note, consider adding the following to the fiery / fire-themed dragons list:


On 2/17/2021 at 11:52 AM, High Lord November said:




I had just said excluded the Mundus Cantormaris because someone had already made it. 


Speaking of them, I think I like the contrast from the Itus Cantormaris the best! I just like the colors!

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